The Thought Tailor Secondary Curriculum

What makes the TTT Curriculum so unique that parents and students from other centres and schools are requesting to purchase our notes just before their examinations?

It's simple really. Our team of experienced teachers do careful, critical and extensive research on top school papers and the national examinations before formulating our signature rich and thorough resources that emphasise on step by step strategies for grammar, writing, comprehension, speaking and listening. At TTT, we aid your child in picking up the right skills for understanding concepts, interpreting questions and crafting precise answers while sharpening critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Have you been constantly worried about your child not having proper, structured, step by step guides to scoring for English? Worry not, for we take our students' learning needs seriously and are devoted to constant refinement of our work to help your child better.  We do the thinking for your child first, so he or she can think and apply better in his or her examinations!

The Thought Tailor Curriculum is specifically designed to help your child acquire the key skills and content knowledge to excel in their subject levels. Our curriculum is designed around essential concepts and themes to help contextualise your child's learning. During their TTT experience, we seek to empower students to pursue higher education at choice schools.


Skills-based Approach to Accelerate Growth

Apply essential technical skills in a step-by-step manner for efficient growth in comprehension, essay writing and oral communication

Targeted Skills Application and Drills 

Regular Essay, Comprehension and Oral Drills to sharpen techniques as well as understand and avoid the common pitfalls and bad habits that students make

Master Annotation Techniques for Effective Understanding

Learn annotation and close reading techniques to help you mine difficult texts for meaning. 

Carefully-curated Content Lessons and Materials

Apply our carefully selected, high impact current affair knowledge for topics that are frequently tested, based on our meticulous analysis of past-year O level papers.  

Develop Better Analytical Tools and Writing Skills

Learn to apply TTT’s unique analytical tools and writing skills, especially in areas such as creative writing (e.g. how to slow down or quicken a story) and argumentative writing (e.g. different forms of rebuttals). 

Rigorous Teacher Mentoring and Guidance


Enjoy learning in an exciting and stimulating environment with rigorous 24 hour supervision, teacher support, drill practices and constant feedback.


Writing Skills

  • Clear and structured approaches  to master secrets and techniques for acing all forms of writing  (situational or continuous) which most teachers do not teach in school

  • Extensive preparation for Hybrid  essays (which feature yearly in National  Examinations), with specialised strategies for each specific type of hybrid combination, unlike other schools or centres

  • Carefully-curated content drills to ensure that you have the necessary content required to build good argumentation for argumentative writing, as well as to develop more interesting stories for hybrid writing. 

  • Highly effective and targeted vocabulary solutions to solve students' problems in applying high-impact powerful words to ace language component 

  • Essential Grammar Skills taught and simplified for easy application and self-monitoring

  • Easy to apply formula sheets for formats and content for various writing tasks to get your child started easily

  • 1 to 1 exclusive teacher mentoring to ensure success 


comprehensioN SkillS

  •  Learn to do comprehension through an efficient and systematic approach by first learning how to analyse and identify all question types and how to answer them to score full marks 

  • Learn the different types of Unusual & Effective questions, and Writer's Craft questions and how to handle them. This is usually not covered adequately in schools.​​

  • Structured worksheets and step-by-step targeted drill practices for each question type from beginning to intermediate and more​

  • In-depth text annotation so your child can handle all types of texts of all difficulties with great ease​


  • Learning how to guess the meaning of difficult words based on clues in the passage

  • Pick up paraphrasing skills to enhance In Your Own Words questions and Summary

  • Complex analysis and weighing skills to score for flowcharts  


  • Deeply researched yet simplified content based on analysed O Level Examination themes (e.g. sports, science and technology, education), so that you will have interesting and sufficient content to engage in better conversations to ace your oral examinations! (this is not provided in most centres and schools)

  • Guided approaches to answering techniques for each specific type of oral questions to ensure your child will never be flustered or nervous during examinations

  • Detailed analysis of every oral examination question in the last five years arranged in themes for easy revision and application

  • Intricate notes on various pronunciation, intonation, word stress and reading aloud techniques to ace reading

  • Focus on essential listening skills within lessons and targeted practice to overcome an often overlooked yet important component of examinations