The Thought Tailor Primary Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on a unique DUAL approach of stretching the creative thinking and writing skills of students, and concurrently,​ employing a more effective systematic, step-by-step structural approach for other components that specifically requires such skills.


We believe in adopting a TOTAL approach in doing well — every section of the EL paper is given significant attention, although some parts may be given more attention, such as grammar, oral, comprehension and creative writing. ​ We not only help students build confidence in applying the skills they've taken away from class but also equip them with ways to check, minimise errors and strive for accuracy in their work.​

​Classes are specially designed to be fun, impactful, clear and structured. Students will pick up critical skills that are useful in tackling every component of the English component and doing well for PSLE and secondary school. They will learn to manage formal assessments with positive learning attitudes and apply exam techniques to tackle the questions effectively. 


​Tailored and specialised strategies will also be designed for each student, to ensure that while students may start at different levels, they will ALWAYS make significant progress during their journey with TTT. Analysing key question trends and exam formats, we prepare our lessons to help students excel academically, using systematic approaches to understand what is required for each question and to craft precise responses to answer every exam question well.


With weekly practices covering all components of the latest Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), your child will not only achieve academic excellence but also gain valuable analytical skills that are useful across other disciplines in learning. The rich content will serve as a powerful springboard to help your child acquire the various skills, strategies and techniques required for lifelong success.