Our Team


Concerned with the quality of teaching in schools and in other centres, The Thought Tailor was created with the intent to provide quality English and Humanities education for Secondary and JC students, and for over ten  years, our team of award-winning teachers have been providing quality tuition and enrichment programmes.


All of our teachers have taught at MOE schools, and most of them have either graduated from prestigious universities or were offered places there, including Cambridge, Oxford, and King's College London. We understand the importance of having good, caring and effective teachers and we have a stringent recruitment criteria and process to select only the best and most passionate educators, so that we may provide the best learning opportunities for your child. Our teachers also undergo continuous professional development to ensure that our curricula, pedagogy and assessment will always remain unrivalled. ​We strongly believe that The Thought Tailor is more than a tuition centre, and better than a school, and we advocate active coaching, rather than passive teaching. We will walk next to your child through his/her academic journey, and we will attempt to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, and also to be a friend, a mentor in this journey to success.

Mr Russell

Mr Russell is the Director of Studies (GP Division) and Group Strategy Director at TTT. He leads a team of research associates trained in politics, anthropology, social research and educational pedagogy to craft TTT's macro curriculum strategy as well as the unrivalled teaching content, especially for the General Paper and Upper Secondary division. He lectures on a range of topics from politics to social issues and his strengths lie in teaching students how to craft highly-sophisticated essay structures and analytical analysis that will guarantee an A grade. Through his dedication in writing structured step-by-step notes and his desire to provide quality lessons and individually tailored after-school consultation sessions, his classes in school are unsurprisingly the best-performing classes in their respective levels. His passion, drive and infectious enthusiasm has inspired numerous students both in school and at TTT, to develop a winning mentality and a hunger for greater growth.


  • Ex-MOE teacher & Masters graduate in Social Anthropology (Distinction for Thesis) from the University of Cambridge

  • Accepted into the PhD program at both the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge​

  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics & Sociology (GPA: 4.0 out of 4.0 -perfect score)



  • Dean's List for Outstanding Academic Results (AY 2011)

  • Dean's List for Outstanding Academic Results (AY 2012)

  • Dean's List for Outstanding Academic Results (AY 2013)

  • Dean's List for Outstanding Academic Results (AY 2014)

  • Top Graduate Award (BA Politics & Sociology) (2014)

  • Graduated with a perfect GPA score (4.0 out of 4.0)

  • Achieved 1st position in his cohort for the Bachelor of Arts program


Mr. Russell receiving his Master degree from the University of Cambridge