Our Team


We understand the importance of having smart, strategic, good, caring and effective teachers and we have a stringent recruitment criteria and process to select only the best and most passionate educators, so that we may provide the best learning opportunities for your child. 


Our teachers have taught at MOE schools, and most of them have either graduated from prestigious universities or were offered places there, including Cambridge, Oxford, and King's College London. This basically means that you will have some of the brightest minds guiding your child, inspiring him/her to achieve greater academic excellence.


Our teachers also undergo continuous professional development to ensure that our curricula, pedagogy and assessment will always remain unrivalled. ​We strongly believe that The Thought Tailor is more than a tuition centre, and better than a school, and we advocate active coaching, rather than passive teaching. We will walk next to your child through his/her academic journey, and we will attempt to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, and also to be a friend, a mentor in this journey to success.

Mr. Russell

Mr. Russell is the Director of Studies (General Paper Division) and the chief educational strategist at TTT. As a student, he has achieved top honours, graduating as the top student with a perfect score (4.0 out of 4.0 GPA) at the undergraduate level, as well as obtaining a high distinction for his postgraduate research thesis at the prestigious University of Cambridge. He has applied his rich educational experience to inspire even the most academically-inclined students towards greater academic success. 


During his stint as a MOE teacher, Mr. Russell applied his tried-and-tested winning approach to learning, often using educational anthropology, macro learning structures as well as differentiated instructions to cater to the unique learning needs of his students. Through his dedication in writing structured step-by-step notes and his desire to provide quality lessons and individually tailored after-school consultation sessions, his classes in school are unsurprisingly the best-performing classes in their respective levels. 


Using his rich undergraduate and postgraduate background in politics, philosophy, anthropology and media studies, Mr. Russell lectures on a range of topics from politics to social issues, providing sophisticated Cambridge-level analysis and unrivalled teaching content to help students to write award-winning A grade essays for GP. His passion, drive and infectious enthusiasm has inspired over 1600 students both in school and at TTT, to develop a winning mentality and a hunger for greater growth.


  • Ex-MOE teacher with teaching experience at two schools - his classes are the best-performing classes

  • Masters graduate in Social Anthropology (Distinction for Thesis) from the University of Cambridge

  • Accepted into the PhD program at both the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge​

  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics & Sociology (GPA: 4.0 out of 4.0 - perfect score)


Research interests: political theory, international relations, material anthropology

Teaching Style: Highly Structured and Scaffolded, Inquiry-based learning


Mr. Russell receiving his Master degree from the University of Cambridge

Ms Phua 

Ms. Phua (or soon to be Dr. Phua) is the Director of Research at TTT. She leads a team of research associates trained in politics, anthropology, social research and educational pedagogy to write unrivalled content notes for TTT students. 


As a former researcher at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Ms. Phua has extensive experience in educational research, especially in learning strategies and educational needs, having undertaken research on teaching practices in MOE schools. Ms Phua is also a specialist in Southeast Asian and South Asian studies, having received training at the master level at the University of Cambridge. She also taught anthropology as a sessional lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Through her enthusiasm and humour, she hopes to instil in students a passion and love for knowledge, especially for society and the human condition. 


  • Former researcher at National Institute of Education (NIE)

  • Masters graduate in Anthropology from the University of Cambridge

  • Sessional lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong


Research interests: religion, identity and culture, science and ethics, philosophy

Teaching Style: Nurturing, Introspective, Detailed and Deconstructed, Differentiated Instruction

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Dr. Chua 

Dr. Chua was a recipient of the prestigious Public Service Commission (PSC) Teaching Scholarship, and has taught General Paper and Project Work at St. Andrew’s Junior College and Dunman High School. He was the award-winning Subject Head of General Paper at SAJC and was responsible for designing the curriculum, mentoring beginning teachers and creating departmental resources for teaching and learning. At Dunman High School, he was in charge of an enrichment lecture series for the most academically inclined General Paper students. 


Dr. Chua left the teaching service to pursue full-time graduate studies. He currently holds a Masters degree in Translation Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and a PhD in Cultural Studies in Asia from the National University of Singapore. He has taught undergraduate courses at the National University of Singapore on Sociology, Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Communication Studies, and he received a Teaching Award for excellent teaching. A passionate and dedicated teacher, he strives to help students navigate the challenges of General Paper, so as to better understand how our complex society works and acquire an acute sensitivity towards the use of language.


  • Public Service Commission (PSC) Teaching Scholar 

  • PhD in Cultural Studies in Asia from the National University of Singapore

  • Lectured undergraduate courses (Sociology, Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Communication Studies) at the National University of Singapore 

  • Award-winning Subject Head of General Paper at SAJC 


Research interests: language, media studies, arts and culture, gender studies

Teaching Style: Detailed and Deconstructed, Teacher-led, Consultative

Mr. Bryan 

Mr. Bryan is a researcher with a background in Sociology, Education and Economics. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with first class honours, having been on the Dean’s List throughout his time in school. At present, he is a President’s Graduate Fellow and a doctoral candidate at the National University of Singapore. 


As a sessional lecturer at the National University of Singapore, Mr. Bryan teaches a number of seminars and lecture-style classes for Undergraduate and Masters students. Mr. Bryan has also consulted for and designed learning systems for corporations in order to meet the learning requirements of his clients. Passionate about teaching and learning, he loves to keep his students engaged with the educational experience and develop critical minds that are poised to make the world a better place for all.


  • President’s Graduate Fellow at the National University of Singapore

  • Sessional lecturer at the National University of Singapore

  • Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) 


Research interests: sociology, education, global economy

Teaching Style: Introspective, Participation-based, Gamification and Collaborative work

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