The Thought Tailor

General Paper Curriculum

Is your child worried about finding content for their GP essays or for AQ questions? Are you worried about their lack of time to research content?

Worry not, our dedicated educators analyse and investigate latest issues and trends so that your child will be ready to handle all the content difficulties for General Paper. We provide our highly sought after constantly enhanced and updated notes which are simplified for your child to easily apply during any examination. With our guidance, your child will be able to spend his or her time more effectively and wisely in preparation for their A Levels.

The Thought Tailor General Paper Curriculum interweaves this essential content knowledge with further step-by-step skills for students to ace General Paper. Furthermore, we utilise specific reflective skills and content together with experiential learning journeys which enables your child to develop empathy and cultural intelligence by reflecting deeply on various societal issues. This in turn ensures they become critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. 

Students will be given carefully curated, summarised content notes and model essays that draw on global case studies, covering ever question that appear for all major topics. This, with in depth evaluation of various arguments and issues, will broaden and deepen our students' analytical and explanatory power.

In terms of comprehension skills, we offer an efficient and systematic approach to analyse ad identify different question types, how to adequately paraphrase answers and text type annotations to attain full marks. Students will be taught the necessary skills and step-by-step thinking strategies for each question type, and they will also be exposed to regular targeted drill practices to ensure maximum progress.


Skills-based Approach to Accelerate Growth

Apply essential technical skills for efficient growth in Paper 1 and 2.

Targeted Skills Practice and Application 

Regular Essay and Comprehension Drills to refine specific techniques.

Tailored Dual Mentoring Structure

Two specialised teachers (for Paper 1 and Paper 2) for each class.

Carefully-curated Content Lessons and Materials

Apply our carefully selected, high impact current affair knowledge  for examinations based on constant and in-depth analysis of A level and school papers.

Develop an Edge with Sophisticated Analytical Tools & Structures

Learn to apply TTT's unique analytical frameworks and structures for essay analysis and AQ. Develop sophisticated multi-layered comparative analysis that reflects the complexities of reality. These techniques are tried and tested and helped students, ex-students and even Mr Russell to achieve a Distinction during his time at the University of Cambridge. 

Rigorous Teacher Mentoring and Guidance


With small class sizes at a maximum of 12-14 per class, 24 hour supervision and specially curated and teacher-led learning journeys to help students develop awareness and empathy for the issues on the ground.


Writing Skills

  • Question list for each topic covering all the possible questions covered in schools and in national examinations to help students understand the various types of questions and how to develop analytic strategies and apply content for each question 

  • Extensive preparation for key content topics for A Levels, with indepth analysis of various arguments, events and factors for ease of writing within a key issue

  • Inculcation of bite-sized university level content (such as philosophy, ethics and social theory) as well as more complex and creative ways of structuring essays to enhance students' voice as writers and to strengthen rigour of arguments (as part of Logos, Ethos and Pathos) 

  • Effective strategies to examine question requirements and question difficulties to allow students to apply their analytical skills in writing to score

  • Easy to apply formula sheets for formats and content for various writing tasks to get your child started easily

  • We have content for key topics such as Science and Tech, International Relations, Media and more. In each lesson students will learn the issues, solutions, evaluative perspectives and all the sub-topics to confidently tackle any question variation in Paper 1.

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Comprehension Skills

  • Thorough examination of texts, text types and structures with annotation to allow your child to dissect any text of any difficulty

  • Comprehensive evaluation and investigation of issues within Singapore contexts to enable your child to argue deeply for Application Questions

  • Efficient and systematic approach to analyse and identify different question types and how to adequately paraphrase answers to attain full marks

  • Structured worksheets with step-by-step targeted drill practices together with top school examination papers 

  • Learning how to guess meaning of complex words based on clues from different parts of a passage

  • Customised approaches to help students with difficulties in paraphrasing within the context of the passage