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General Paper Curriculum

Key Features of our GP Program

Our GP program covers all the key skills and content requirements of the GP syllabus, with efficient step-by-step instructions and intensive consultation support as well as academic monitoring to ensure progress. Two teacher mentors per student to ensure that you will always have access to the best supervision, teaching and resources.


Our dedicated educators also analyse and investigate latest issues and trends so that you will be ready to handle all the content difficulties for General Paper. We provide our highly sought after, constantly enhanced and updated notes which are simplified for you to easily apply during any examination. With our guidance, you will be able to spend your time more effectively and wisely in preparation for your A Levels.


In terms of paper 1, Students will be given carefully curated, summarised content notes and model essays that draw on global case studies, covering every question that appears for all major topics. This, with in depth evaluation of various arguments and issues, will broaden and deepen our students' analytical and explanatory power.

In terms of comprehension skills, we offer an efficient and systematic approach to analyse and identify different question types, how to adequately paraphrase answers and text type annotations to attain full marks. Students will be taught the necessary skills and step-by-step thinking strategies for each question type, and they will also be exposed to regular targeted drill practices to ensure maximum progress.

Our TTT's Research Curriculum Team

AT TTT, we take our GP content research seriously. We have recruited some of the top teachers with the necessary background in GP-related topics. These teachers are all graduates from prestigious universities, with at least a first-class honour, a master degree or a PHD in a GP-related field.


Given that GP is a multi-disciplinary subject, our research team is divided into four main research clusters, each helmed by an expert with at least a masters/phd in the field. You can be rest assured that we have the latest insights, as many of our teachers maintain good connection with their universities and follow the latest trends and research developments across the different fields in social science.


Media, Science and Technology Unit

Cluster Leader: Dr. Chua

Research Team: Dr. Chua, Ms Sanusha, Ms. Lam, Mr. Jarrod, Mr. Choon Ray


Society and Culture Unit

Cluster Leader: Ms. Amy and Ms. Lam (co-led)

Research Team: Ms. Amy, Ms. Lam, Mr. Russell, Ms. Sami


International Relations & Global Issues Unit

Cluster Leader: Mr. Russell

Research Team: Mr. Russell, Ms. Amy, Ms. Sanusha, Ms. Sami


Governance, Economy and Public Policy Unit

Cluster Leader: Ms. Sanusha

Research Team: Ms Sanusha, Dr. Chua, Mr. Choon Ray


We are also in the midst of recruiting more research assistants and research associates to provide another layer of research focus by geographical regions to complement our research focus on issues/topics. We welcome multidisciplinary experts (politics and culture) with deep interests in the regions of South America, the Middle East and Central Europe to apply to us for either a part-time or full-time research position. 


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Achieve Excellence in your Paper 1 - Essay Writing

  • A macro strategy for content mastery - Concise content notes covering all key topics, with easy-to-remember examples and points that can be easily applied in your essays, and across all related issues on a specific topic.

  • Useful analysis, theories and insights for different topics, picked up by our teachers when they were doing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Cambridge/Oxford/UCL. These are made easy for students to use and apply, giving them a winning edge over their peers. A significant number of our students score over 37/50 for their essays. 

  • Essay Outlines covering over 50 essay questions so that we tackle all the different types and sub-types of questions that may appear for a particular topic (e.g. for the topic on media and censorship, we cover questions on whether censorship is good/bad, whether censorship is increasingly challenging to implement, as well as other aspects of censorship such as the arts and censorship. This gives you a thorough understanding of censorship and the ability to answer any question on censorship).

  • A thorough analysis of the 10 different essay question types and special key words, including how to identify the question, the question requirements, and  also strategies on how to plan and write the essay. 

  • Learn useful techniques, structures and strategies at both the micro level (within a paragraph) and also at the macro level (essay-wide). These strategies were picked up by our top teachers in their professional training at the master and phd level. Given that all our teachers have either a master or phd level, you can be assured that you will not be able to learn this anywhere else.

  • Regular micro writing drills and regular feedback for GP essays. Our markers are highly-experienced, having served in a number of top JCs for numerous years. We will provide the best and most critical feedback, so you will always be in safe hands.

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Master your Paper 2 skills - SAQ

  • Clear instruction and regular drill sets covering all the different compre question types including the step-by-step strategies to find the answer, and important tips on how to present your answers to get maximum marks.

  • We also provide a list of ‘template’ answers whenever possible, such as for the 6 types of Author’s Purpose questions, so you will find it increasingly easy to obtain maximum marks for such questions. 

  • Macro level analysis of all A level papers, including an analysis of popular answers provided by other sources and schools, and why these answers are wrong or not so precise.

  • An efficient analysis of the A level Marker’s Report from 2013-2021 in which we deconstruct all the skills needed - such as, for instance, the need to demonstrate a nuanced appreciation of the language as seen in the 2014 marker’s report. 

  • Regular drills are provided, organised based on question types, or as full paper. These are either covered in class as timed assignments (20-30 mins) or as homework. Our J2 students will usually cover all the A level papers from 2013 to the latest year, so you will always be prepared for the national exams.

Strengthen your Paper 2 Skills - Summary and AQ

  • A thorough understanding of the two different types of summary and the strategies that one should take to do well in both summary types.

  • Regular summary drills assigned either as homework or timed practices. Learn to work efficiently under timed conditions. 

  • Step-by-step instructions for AQ, including a detailed analysis of the marking rubrics, structure and winning strategies carefully crafted by our ex-teachers from RI and HCI. 

  • Useful strategies on how you can provide examples and the necessary evaluation. Learn to adopt efficient multi-layered (but still concise) analysis, grounded in not just micro but also macro level contextual specificities of Singapore, to develop arguments to logical conclusions. 

  • Develop interesting perspectives

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