Classes for 2021

Primary School English [$45/lesson]

Pri 3-4 Sunday 1130-130pm

Pri 5-6 Tuesday 5-7pm

Pri 5-6 Sunday 2-4pm

Lower Secondary School English & IP Language Arts [$55/lesson]

Sec 1 Saturday 415-615pm

Sec 1 Sunday 930-1130am

Sec 1 Sunday 445-645pm

Sec 2 Saturday 4-6pm

Sec 2 Sunday 2-4pm

Sec 2 IP Saturday 415-615pm 

Sec 2 IP Sunday 445-645pm 

Upper Secondary School English & IP Language Arts [$55/lesson]

Sec 3 Tuesday 5-7pm 

Sec 3 Saturday 930-1130am (1 seat left)

Sec 3 Sunday  230-430pm (2 seats left)


Sec 4 Monday 5-7pm (2 seats left)
Sec 4 
Monday 715-915pm (3 seats left)

Sec 4 Tuesday 5-7pm (new - 8 seats left)*

Sec 4 Wednesday 615-815pm (full)
Sec 4 
Friday 630-830pm (full)
Sec 4 Saturday 1145-145pm (full)
Sec 4 
Sunday 1145-145pm (full)
Sec 4 
Sunday 445-645pm (full)

*Very limited vacancies for Sec 4 classes! Do enrol early to avoid potential disappointment

Junior College General Paper [$65/lesson]

JC 1 Tuesday 715-915pm (full)

JC 1 Saturday 2-4pm (full)

JC 1 Saturday 7-9pm (filling fast)

JC 1 Sunday 930-1130am (new)
JC 1 Sunday 715-915pm (full)


JC 2 Tuesday 715-915pm (3 seats left)

JC 2 Thursday 715-915pm (new)

JC 2 Saturday 930-1130am (new)

JC 2 Saturday 1130-130pm (2 seats left)
JC 2 
Saturday 2-4pm (3 seats left)
JC 2 
Saturday 7-9pm (4 seats left)
JC 2 
Sunday 1130-130pm (full)
JC 2 
Sunday 715-915pm (full)

We are here to help you succeed.


Talk to us if you require further customisation of class schedules!


We also provide O level and A level programs for repeat students. Do enquire for more information. 

As firm believers in uplifting every student regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, The Thought Tailor also offer a Financial Assistance scheme for students who are financially disadvantaged (up to 50 percent fee waiver for students who meet the requirements). Do contact us for further details.