What Students Say...

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Improve from S to A 

in 10 months

Mr Lee is definitely the best English/GP teacher I ever had. I believe that anyone who is taught by Mr Lee will improve as he always makes sure that everyone can understand what he is saying and he gives very clear, effective answers to any problems that you may encounter. He also gives regular consultations and spends so much time and effort to write quality notes, mark our work, as well as answering my questions outside of class through online platforms. Furthermore, Mr Lee is always willing to go the extra mile to help us with our school work, especially during examination periods when the tuition sessions could be extended in order for all our queries to be answered. This really made me feel that the centre was more like a school, rather than a centre.


Mr Lee also tries to get to know each and every one of his students and helps us all to bond and make friends and contribute to a more lively and welcoming environment even though we are all from different schools, such as ASR, ACJC, RV, HCI, RI, JPJC and YIJC. His lessons are also really engaging as he brings in stories and things that we are interested in, allowing us to be more focused during lessons. Personally, I think that is what learning should be like, where you can learn in a fun environment. 


The lesson materials provided as well as the additional information shared during lessons have proven to be very useful, particularly the revision materials before any exams as they are clearly structured and informative. I really adore the notes and i think it's much better than the ones provided by other centres or by my JC, which are mostly just mere readings. The notes are well-structured and the content lectures provide numerous points, arguments, examples and analytical frameworks that enable effective learning and application. I also love the philosophy classes, as well as the question analysis notes for each topic, detailing every possible question, sub-topics and types of questions that can be tested for each topic. 


I would really like to thank Mr Lee for spending so much time to help me. Without him, my interest in the subject would be close to nothing and I would not have excelled in GP. With his passion in teaching and his belief in me, I am sure that I'll be able to achieve even more with time to come. Hence, I highly recommend Mr Lee as well as the lovely TTT family. ​

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Raffles Institution (JC)

C to A in 12 months

I absolutely love TTT! I LOVE the fact that the teachers provide excellent content notes that enable us to develop complex, multi-layered analysis, for various key topics including Global Hunger, Poverty, Science and Technology, Environment, International Relations, Politics, philosophy and many more. The content lectures were certainly a tour de force. 

Learning at TTT has been an absolute joy, one that I can't find anywhere else, not in the centres that i joined previously, and so much so that I have never skipped any classes. 

I also adore the fact that the teachers provide personalised drills for essay writing, and there are frequent writing experiment classes, that are carried out on both Zoom and at the centre, to help us apply skills including how to write good hooks or an effective introduction. This is something that we do not really get to try in school, and i think it certainly helps me to work towards eliminating some of my bad habits in writing.

One thing that I found really interesting was that the teachers were also extremely competitive, and they helped me to be able to match the competition that I face in school. I learnt a lot from Mr. Russell and I am grateful that he has shared some of the study and essay writing strategies which enabled him to beat his peers when he was a student at the University of Cambridge. It was really fun exploring literary writing techniques for hook writing, and this enabled me to have the je ne sais quoi in my writing compared to my peers.

Learning at TTT has definitely been a privilege for me. Thank you.

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Jen Ming


E to B in 15 months​

I think my teachers genuinely care about our grades and well-being as they always ask us how we are doing. They also like to converse and crack jokes in class, making lessons feel very interesting and enjoyable. The teachers also look out for you and provide more complex writing skills and ideas than in school.

The notes that they provide are very detailed and rich in content and also gives clear examples on how to use them. I thought it was cool that all the examples that i would ever need for a topic are all in the content lecture notes, and it is very beneficial as it helps students like me to save time, so that I can focus on either doing practices, or to focus on my H2 subjects. This is quite important for JC2 students because we often don't have a lot of time, and we have to ace our GP while keeping an eye on our H2 subjects and time management as well. The notes are also well organised so it is very easy to comprehend and also to remember.


I would like to thank TTT teachers for always responding quickly to my doubts whenever I have them or ask for consultations, and I appreciate the step by step instructions provided for comprehension and essay writing. Learning the requirements of the different comprehension question types and how to address them was very beneficial. It enabled me to score for comprehension. The paper 1 strategies were also essential to my good grades. I have made tremendous improvements ever since i joined in JC1, and I am happy that i chose to join TTT.

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Jia Yu

Jurong-Pioneer JC

S (MYE) to E (Promos) 

Significant Improvements in just 1.5 months!​

Teachers at TTT teach lessons in a different way compared to other centres. They provide a lot of high quality notes and did tremendous research before lessons. The concise content lecture notes were extremely useful and a wonderful contrast to the thick stacks of readings that we would get in school or the directionless GP essay outlines (that are limited in applicability to only specific essays) that I would get at other centres. The notes gave a wide range of examples, points and evaluation strategies, which not only helped to give me the necessary content for the exams, but also made sure that i did not have to set aside too much time to do research, which allowed me to concentrate more on improving my essay and AQ skills, and also gave me time to focus on my other subjects.


The teachers were also very friendly and enthusiastic and it is clear that they enjoy teaching. Both Mr. Russell and Mr. Lee also teaches in a very simple and structured manner, with clear strategies on how to answer each comprehension question type, as well as different strategies to structure essays or techniques for rebuttal. I enjoyed both the lectures and tutorials at the centre and i was able to make an improvement of one grade in just 1.5 months at the centre. I would like to thank my teachers for teaching me General Paper, as well as for the hope they have in me, and i hope to continue making further progress in the following year.