What Students Say...

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Yi Xun

Rulang Pri

I like Mr Lee and I enjoyed his lessons. My teacher is very funny, cool and friendly. He knows how I need to improve, and he gives me a good plan which helped me to get top 3 for English. The materials and worksheets provided are also good, and the notes that we write during class also helps me to prepare for PSLE. He understands all sorts of problems and is very experienced.


From parent: Mr. Lee is a passionate and dedicated trained teacher who seeks to understand his student and customises a teaching style that works best on him or her. Under his tutelage, my son has shown much improvements in his language skills even though it was less than a year prior to PSLE. Every lesson was a joy for my son and most important of all, he listens to Teacher Lee!

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Yi Xuan

Lakeside Pri

Mr Lee provides a very unique form of teaching. I really enjoyed the writing classes, especially the different ways to write a composition like how to add suspense or other interesting techniques not taught in school. I also enjoyed the practices, and reading the composition notes. I was happy when I found out that my essay score improved from  30/55 to 37.5/55 for my prelims. I also managed to make a visible improvement in my oral performance, improving from 22/30 to 28/30 for my prelim oral exams. Mr. Lee is also very humourous and he works very hard to help us to improve our writing, grammar and comprehension It is not easy to find a good tutor for PSLE English, and I am glad that I have Mr. Lee to help me.