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To all JC students: Are you satisfied with your GP grades? If not, The Thought Tailor (TTT) tuition

With MOE-trained GP teachers heading up the GP department, the quality of learning is nothing less than exceptional. Our GP teachers offer quality learning and reference materials which allow students to easily understand and retain the content within the span of a 2-hour long GP tuition class. The GP tuition classes will teach students how to recognise and answer the plethora of question types that may appear during examinations. Furthermore, with the experience our MOE-trained GP teachers have, they can impart unto students unique perspectives that cannot be found elsewhere.

Furthermore, our MOE-trained GP teachers can teach our students how to modify their essays to answer the question appropriately. The GP tuition classes will also show students how to apply a single example to a multitude of different question types. Our GP teachers also constantly update and advance the essay outlines provided, which gives them the best examples to utilise in their essays. In addition, content lectures are provided to expand the general knowledge that students have so they have sufficient examples to include in their GP essays. The myriad of worksheets and drills assigned to students will also enhance their paraphrasing skills, which will most definitely help during summary writing.

If you have questions in the night, you can simply consult our GP teachers any time. With round-the-clock support and free consultations, students can enjoy personal guidance nearing exam time when enrolled in our GP tuition class. With MOE-trained GP teachers, multiple practices, and excellent support, it is no wonder why most JC students graduate with considerable improvements to their grades. So why not give TTT a try?

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