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How to Score for General Paper (GP)

Many students feel that language is an ability that is inherited rather than a skill that can be learnt as many students question whether GP can be studied for.

Given the infinite range of the English Language, many also feel that they are not able to secure an A in the examinations or pass it with flying colours

However, similar to other subjects, GP is a subject that can be studied and prepared for, contrary to popular beliefs

Read on to find out the key strategies to score for GP so that receiving your results after every examination will no longer be a lucky card game

1. Focus on Core GP Topics You are Interested in

The A level GP paper is unpredictable and can focus on a wide range of possible topics.

However, we cannot expect ourselves to know every nook and cranny of the events happening in our world.

Furthermore, all of us come from different walks of life and definitely have different passions and interests.

Similar to how you cannot instruct a fish to climb a tree, you need to focus on the topics you are interested in as you prepare for your A levels

This will provide a sense of motivation as the information you are preparing for GP is relevant to you, at the same time, it makes the whole process more fun and enjoyable

We know that it is difficult to differentiate the mammoth number of information in the world.

Hence, at TTT, we have delicately prepared concise and useful resources that will kickstart your GP journey, which are also extremely helpful and relevant to the A Levels syllabus

2. Consistent Effort

GP is usually labelled as a subject that can be ‘studied just the day before’ or a subject that can be ‘winged’

However, most top students will definitely tell you otherwise

To score well, you need to constantly practice on your language skills and be well-versed in relevant events occurring in the world.

Sometimes, GP or English lessons in school are simply not sufficient for you

Lucky for you, GP can be practised in various other ways. A mere global affairs discussion with your friends can be considered as revising for GP. Reading the news in the morning or before you go to bed is also an effective way to enhance your GP knowledge

By attending TTT lessons, you will also sign yourself up for a fruitful and dedicated GP session every week, helping you to keep track with your GP revision outside of schools and make sure you are consistent!

3. Get Professional Help

Sometimes, we have to admit that it is hard to learn GP alone, especially if you are unsure of whether you are making mistakes during your revisions

We may need to set some foundational basis for our GP knowledge first before we can embark on an exciting journey towards our As for examinations.

Outside of schools, TTT serves as an additional platform for students to turn to in times of need.

Anchored by dedicated and passionate teachers, students will not need to fret as they will be constantly guided during their revisions.

Students can be assured that their questions and worries will not go unanswered by our teachers

Furthermore, you can also pull your friends along to join in the sessions together so that everyone can have a fun and meaningful GP journey together J

For more information, feel free to contact us and book a trial class today!

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