Our Ideal Learning Space

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Learning spaces and the way they are designed is extremely important in terms of functionality as well as the feelings, and sensory experiences it provokes and imbues one with. We carefully contemplated how to best bring out a unique TTT experience when designing our centre – one which is effective for learning and yet gives the centre a homely and inviting feel most conducive for our students.

It is with this in mind that we constructed our classrooms and reception spaces with full length windows to provide students with natural light and an airy, modern and spacious environment for comfortable learning. Our classrooms also offer a flexible and mobile learning space ideal for differing classroom configurations for collaborative work or for teacher talk. In addition, our classrooms are equipped with apt learning facilities such as projectors which allow students to learn from multimodal sources. Research has shown that learning is best accomplished in a space which is both comfortable, serene and yet suited for different learning needs, which is what the TTT learning environment provides. 

TTT learning spaces also require both students and teachers to remove their shoes before entering, to ensure a clean and hygienic environment where students can learn in comfort. It is also a symbolic gesture of removing any distractions behind before entering the learning space. We believe that students learn best when fully focused which is why even though our classrooms are equipped with WiFi, they are used solely for teaching purposes and to eliminate any other possible sources of distractions. 

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At the same time, the TTT reception area consists of a comfortable lounge section where students may seek consultation from teachers or simply to wait for their parents after the end of class. This reception lounge space also serves a dual purpose of allowing our students to peruse the various books we have on display, with seminal pieces regarding inequality, poverty and even linguistics to encourage a greater love for English and current affairs. The reception lounge is also equipped with various learning games which help develop students’ passion for learning within English and beyond, and these games are can be played by our TTT alumni after lessons are conducted at the centre, and also students who are waiting for their parents to pick them up. In certain lessons, our TTT educators may also use these games to gamify their lessons. Learning should be fun, and at TTT, our learning experiences together with our learning spaces ensure impactful and memorable lessons for your child. 

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