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TTT 4E3 (2020)

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TTT 4E (2019)

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TTT 4E4 (2020)

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TTT 4E3 (2020)
TTT 4E3 (2020)

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We are more than just a TUITION centre

How often have you heard someone say that you can't study English or General Paper, or that getting a B is good enough?

Many students often face two main problems: 


1: the lack of a clear strategy, tailored learning, regular practice and feedback from EL lessons in school and centres.


2: The lack of comprehensive support when most needed especially after hours.


Many students and parents therefore feel lost and unmotivated when pursuing success for English and General Paper. 

Now imagine having a passionate, energetic coach by your side, to provide excellent unrivalled materials, as well as step-by-step guidance and constant feedback so that you will always make concrete progress and know both the strategy, as well as the important next step towards success. 

Join us. Start your journey to excellence. 


an unrivalled track record


  • More than 420 students have benefitted from The Thought Tailor 

  • Average score of students prior to their enrolment to TTT: C5-F9

  • Average score of students after the TTT experience: A1-B3

  • Over 93% of our students see an improvement of 1-2 grades within 3 months of joining TTT.


  • More than 210 students have benefitted from The Thought Tailor 

  • Average score of students prior to their enrolment to TTT: D-U

  • Average score of students after the TTT experience: A-B

  • Over 96% of our students see an immediate improvement in 1-2 grades in their next assessment after joining TTT

  • In 2019, 100% of our students scored A for GP during their A Levels


  • More than 70 students have learned from The Thought Tailor

  • Average score of students before joining TTT: Band 3-4

  • Average score of students after joining TTT: Band 1-3

  • Over 85% of our students see immediate improvement in their marks for all components, including oral examinations. 


Proven results as the best English Centre in Singapore (100% A and B for JC GP, 100% quality passes for O Level)

Comprehensive, well structured notes, guaranteed better than any school or centre in a more in-depth yet understandable way.

Specially curated, skills-based lessons based on years of rigorous research and analysis of examination trends as well as the varying learning needs of students. 

Driven, meticulous and passionate teachers from prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, NUS, King's College London, UCL who seek to strategise, inspire and mentor your child towards similar success.

Every teacher at the centre is highly experienced, award-winning and MOE-trained, to provide the best English learning experience that reflects our aim to be more than a tuition centre, and better than a school.

More a centre, better than a school: free additional feedback, consultation and 24 hour academic support.

Learning is always fun when you are part of the TTT Family!


At TTT, we believe strongly in developing good rapport with our students. Teachers serve both as academic coach as well as life coach, to nurture our kids with the winning mentality to take on any challenges in life. 


A fun and pleasant environment for our students will ensure that they look forward towards class, and is a crucial, necessary pre-requisite in their journey towards excellence. The centre is equipped with nice sofa armchairs and a study area for self-revision and consultation, as well as board games and lightsabers which they can play to bond with their classmates and teachers during the school holidays (or during the post-exam period). At TTT, we believe that learning should always be fun and engaging!

All these little things count and add up, and so will your child's marks too!

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“Before i joined TTT, i had problems passing my English throughout my secondary school life...When I joined TTT, the teachers taught skills and techniques that i have not learnt before, be it in school or at any other tuition centres. They taught us how to apply the steps using a simple step by step approach.”​


—  Junsen, Jurong-Pioneer JC

     (Improved from D7 to B3 in just 4 months!)