What Students Say...

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Le Yang

Kranji Sec

C5 ->  A1 (O level) 

Received an award for being

the top 3 in her cohort for EL

(prelims results) at Kranji Sec

In the past, I could never achieve an A in English. Perhaps it was because English wasn’t my first language, whatever English capabilities I had simply could not be translated into the skills that were required for examinations. When I first got in touch with Mr Russell in secondary three, I was still new to taking tuition and didn’t really know what to expect besides extra work and maybe gradual, baby steps towards an eventual A1 for O level. So, the jump in grades really surprised me.

I had gone from floating in the Cs and Bs to my first A in English, A2, and the improvement didn’t stop there. Under his guidance, I achieved 3rd in my Sec 4 cohort for English in my Sec 4 prelim exams at Kranji Secondary, which was something I had never thought to be possible before!


I also managed to get an honours certificate that recognised my excellent academic achievement for English. The A1 in English for my O levels came soon after, and after I went to Junior College, I managed to clinch the top 5% in my cohort for General Paper. 

All of this would not have been possible without his help, and I am definitely grateful to him for helping to push me beyond the limits I thought I and to reach my goal. He taught me how to strategise and how to prepare for the subject, and how to continuously strive for perfection even when i was already getting an A1. 


Jie Lynn

Juying Sec

B4 ->  A1 (O level)

Top in cohort at Juying Sec!

English lessons at The Thought Tailor has undoubtedly changed my perspective on how English can be studied effectively. The lessons here are clear and structured, and there were a lot of focus on the skills and the step by step methods for each component, including how to solve every comprehension question type effectively. I also felt that the concise and informative notes issued during our weekly lessons was extremely beneficial in helping me with my revision for my exams.

Furthermore the dedicated teachers at TTT have always been patient and really helpful whenever I had any doubts regarding the skills or content that were taught. We could ask for extra help or support for free, and we were encouraged to clarify any doubts or problems that we had (with any of the practices or school assignments) with our TTT tutors via Whatsapp message.


With the help of the passionate teachers, I was able to quickly improve my EL grades from getting Bs in my school examinations to scoring an A1 in O levels in less than a year!


Le Xuan

Juying Sec

C5 (MYE) -> A1 (O level)

Managed to achieve an A1 in just 6 months!

I have always looked forward to my lessons at TTT every week. The teachers never fail to make lessons both enriching and enjoyable all the time! With the family-like atmosphere and humorous yet knowledgeable teachers, there’s really never a dull moment at TTT!  I used to find learning English extremely boring in the past but my interest in the English language have definitely grown after attending the classes at TTT. Learning at TTT was a fun and effective experience. The notes were comprehensive yet easy to understand and master, and the strategies that my teachers taught for each component really allowed me to secure an A1 grade at O level.

I would really like to thank all the teachers at TTT for their constant guidance and support even outside of class (e.g. whatsapp conversations, consultation sessions and written assignments) to make sure I fully understood what was taught.


Without a doubt, TTT was the significant factor in helping me get my A1 during O’levels so i hope you’ll give TTT a chance to do the same for you!!

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Xuan Xin

Unity Sec

B4 (MYE) -> A2 (O level)

Significant improvements in just 5 months!

I have enjoyed learning English much more after attending tuition and it was mostly thanks to my teacher, Mr Russell. His lessons were engaging and fun as he always tries to put in elements that we all relate to, such as things that we like to do and have interest in, to allow us to be engaged as well as to better understand the lessons. He is also very passionate in teaching English and would try his best to make the best notes that suits our learning. He is also a very reflective teacher, adjusting his lessons to suit his students' learning needs. I can still remember one particular lesson that we had last year. He realised that my friends and I were not mastering one of the more complex writing techniques effectively, and so he decided to change his notes and teachings for the lesson, to make it even easier for my friends and i to pick up the skill efficiently.

I would like to thank my teacher for putting in a lot of time and effort in preparing the best notes for us and for making sure that we are able to learn well under his guidance. His effort really helped me, and it inspired me to work harder for English so as to repay his efforts and belief in us.  

I would recommend my teacher to other students because my teacher’s way of teaching is very good as he would teach at a pace that suits the students, allowing and ensuring that all students are able to learn well. He also answer students’ questions clearly, hence enabling us to be able to clear all our doubts and master the skills easily. 

Mr. Russell always believed in me and i am glad that i managed to get an A2 for O level. This was the best EL result that i have ever achieved throughout the whole of my secondary school life. He is the best English teacher that i have ever had. 



Juying Sec

C6 (MYE) -> A2 (O level)

4 grade jumps in

under 6 months!

Teachers at TTT are literally the best English masters ever. I have learnt so many new things at TTT especially hybrid mixed-genre essays and article writing which we did not really cover in school. The learning atmosphere is also great, with a spacious classroom that doesn't make us feel claustrophobic. The teachers are also super friendly and are able to help you whenever, if you ask for it. 


What really set TTT apart from other centres is the clear and concise notes provided as well as the detailed explanation from the teachers. The notes were really useful with clear strategies on how to successfully prepare for each component of the EL paper, and the teachers even prepared summary notes before O levels to ensure that we know what are the most important aspects of each skill that we need to revise before the exams. The lessons were also very clear and interesting, with a key learning objective, and we could see the overall direction that we were moving and where we would get to.


I will forever be grateful to TTT, for they have helped me in my O level English, and made a drastic difference to when i first joined. They helped me pull up my C6 to a B3, in half a year and i even managed to secure an A2 for O level! This was something that i thought would only be possible for Science and Maths, but not for EL, because we often hear comments from seniors and teachers that it is difficult to score for EL and we should be satisfied with a B3. But TTT proved that it is possible and i am glad i joined TTT.



Unity Sec

B4 (MYE) -> A2 (O level)

Significant improvements in just 3 months!

Mr Russell has a very fun and intriguing way of teaching his students and he makes his lessons interesting and engaging. His cheerfulness and dedication towards his students have truly made a lasting impression on me. I do enjoy parts of his lessons where he shares some inside jokes with the class but more importantly are the times when he can clear our doubts with clear and precise answers.


My learning has improved tremendously after I started with Mr Russell partially due to the superior notes that he provided and also because of his clear and concise teaching method.


I felt that the lessons at TTT were also very beneficial and by attending his lessons, i learnt how how to score for my examinations. I was able to improve by two grades in the three months that we had together (B4 at MYE ---> A2 at O level)!


I would like to thank Mr Russell for making learning fun and interesting again and being the light that guided my friends and I through the dark tunnel that is the GCE English O-Level examinations. I would recommend Mr Russell to other students mainly due to his superior teaching style that is very unique and efficient.

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Yan Liang

Unity Sec

C5 (MYE) -> A2 (O level)

Jumping 3 grades in just 7 months!

My teacher is Mr Russell and he is extremely passionate when he is teaching. He is extremely determined to help his students in every lesson i attended. He often pushes students so that we can realise our potential to excel in the subject, while at the same time cracking a few jokes and using stories to explain concepts and question types to make lessons more lively.


Through the few months of coaching i realised that the lessons have helped me tremendously. The materials prepared by him were no doubt useful for my revision before the O levels examinations. The notes were very informative and were compiled into a few pieces of paper for us to revise more easily. For example, the final lesson at the TTT centre was extremely helpful as Mr Russell revised all the necessary skills and provided notes covering all the step by step instructions for every possible comprehension question type.

I would like to thank him for constantly encouraging me and motivating me to become a better student, as well as to continuously strive for further success. I would also like to thank him for devoting so much time and effort into compiling notes which are very beneficial for my learning. Most importantly, i want to thank him for helping me to improve from a C grade in my mid-year examinations to an A2 for both my prelims and O level. 

I will definitely recommend Mr Russell to my junior and friends as i can see that he is very passionate about helping every one of us. He is also able to explain different skills really well and he gives good guided practices to help us apply them effectively. I am sure that with his help, more students will excel in the language. It was certainly a privilege for me to be able to attend his classes. Thank you.


Juying Sec

B4 (MYE) -> A2 (O level)
Excellent progress achieved in under 6 months!


I really enjoy Mr Russell’s lessons. He made English easier than I originally thought it would be, as his lessons cover everything there is to cover about the English syllabus, and the notes he provides for the classes are very well-structured and in-depth, making it easier for me to study at home. He also takes the time to get to know his students better and care for their wellbeing, even going as far as to text them every so often about their current state of mind and also to advise them on what they should do.


I still miss my lessons with him, and the impact that TTT had on me is especially significant considering that I usually don't like attending tuition (for any subjects) in general. However, TTT lessons were fun and Mr. Russell made it possible for me to be more interested in scoring higher for English. Thanks to him, I was able to score higher for my O's, going from B4 to A2.

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Jun Sen

Juying Sec


D7 (MYE) -> B3 (O level)

Jumping an average of 1 grade per month! 

Before i joined TTT, i had problems passing my English throughout my secondary school life. i was learning at other tuition centres and I couldn’t write well and my P2 results were also very weak. When I joined TTT, the teachers taught skills and techniques that i have not learnt before, be it in school or at any other tuition centres. They taught us how to apply the steps using a simple step by step approach. Along with other things such as text analysis and question analysis, i felt that it was actually possible to study for English. I studied harder and I started to see myself improving and passing more often. Within 4 months, instead of failing English, I improved by four grades and scored a B3 for my O levels. Thank you, TTT!

What TTT really stands out from other tuition centre is its belief that it is “‘more than just a centre, better than a school”. At TTT, I was taught by Mr. Russell and Mr. Lee and they were very friendly, kind and passionate, and they always took the effort to get to know their students on a personal level. They also often text us to show their concerns, and they are always ready to help 24/7. Both teachers also always made the lessons interesting by making jokes or telling interesting stories, without digressing from the lessons. 

I also like the fact that TTT provides very good notes and resources. I attended many prestigious tuition centres that charged exorbitant rates, and many of these places used notes photocopied from assessment books. Yet over at TTT, all their teaching materials are painstakingly drafted by the teachers with the most precise and researched information so that we can learn our best, from the best. The teachers also write more notes, sometimes in response to any difficulties that we might face when mastering or applying the skills. 

At TTT, I would like to thank both Mr Lee and Mr Russell for pushing me and the constant guidance. If not for them, i wouldn’t have scored a B3 for English and i would also still have doubts passing it. I strongly recommend TTT for their effective skills and techniques taught so you can score in your English.



Juying Sec

D7 (MYE) -> B3 (O level) 

Significant improvements

in just 4 months!

I would recommend TTT lessons because the lessons are very effective. The teachers are professional and they provide quality teaching and good notes. Their lessons are also very fun and informative.


The notes are comprehensive and cover all the skills required for each component, and it was definitely better than anything that I have received in school or other EL tuition. The lessons are also well designed with and my teachers also often teach in a fun and entertaining way. 

The teachers also often go the extra mile to ensure that all of their students are able to cope with their work. They would often text students and mark extra assignments and provide free consultations to help students clarify any doubts that they may have.


I am happy that I managed to improve a lot in the four months that I spent at TTT - from a D7 at prelims, to a B3 at O level.



Unity Sec

C5 (MYE) -> A2 (N level) 

Significant improvements

in just 4 months!

I find that the teachers at TTT are knowledgeable and very helpful. They often involve everyone during lessons, and they never fail to make the class fun and engaging. Through the lessons at TTT, I have learnt new concepts and skills. Their teaching strategies and clear explanations have aided me in understanding complex ideas and apply the right set of skills to tackle questions.

I would like to thank my tutors at TTT for investing a lot of time and effort in preparing detailed  notes for us. After attending lessons at TTT, my grades improved tremendously. I even managed to score an A2 for my N Level! This. was the best result that i have ever achieved for English. TTT lessons are very impactful and I would definitely recommend TTT to students who are looking for a very good English tuition.



Unity Sec

B4 (MYE) -> A2 (N level) 

Significant improvements

in just 5 months!

I first got to know of TTT when i contacted my ex-teacher in school and found out that he had opened a tuition centre. I decided to join the centre, because i had positive experience of his lessons in school. I feel that TTT teachers are extremely skilful and caring and they would often go the extra mile for students.

The teachers at TTT put in a lot of effort to design effective lessons, and facilitated learning through different strategies that made English easy for all of us at TTT. The learning materials were effective in stimulating our thoughts. Lessons were taught at an appropriate pace and in a step by step manner. The notes, which consisted of a variety of useful information such as model essays, step-by-step formula for comprehension questions and many more, helped shape my learning.  

The teachers teach with a lot of passion here, and it helps motivate us to perform better. I would especially like to thank all my teachers at TTT for their patience and guidance in helping us through a very difficult time. I am also very happy when I received my N level results. I received an A2 for my N level and i am glad that I chose to join TTT! Thank you for helping me to come up with a useful strategy to help me improve from a B4 to an A2. Thank you TTT!

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Unity Sec


C6 (MYE) -> B3 (O level)

Change in strategies = 3 grade improvements in just

3 months!

Mr Russell is a very fun, passionate and engaging teacher. When I first joined the tuition centre, i honestly felt that it was just like any other tuition centre and I never knew that English was a subject that could be studied. I only joined 2.5 months before the O levels examination and i managed to make a lot of improvements. I would usually get around C6 for most of my English tests and school examinations, but I managed to achieve a B3 at the O level in 2019. 


The notes provided at the centre were completely different from those given in my school. My schools notes did not really cover the skills and content needed to tackle the subject. However at TTT, the notes were really in-depth and the notes really covered more things that the school didn't cover. I really like that Mr Russell covered the techniques to answer each and every different question type and he also provided a lot of effective drills for us to master the necessary skills. I felt that it really helped me in my revision and my understanding of the subject. In school, they would also usually teach exam techniques only when it’s close to the exam. Many of my classmates would usually start to panic and be anxious. However, at TTT, all techniques were taught and we also did several practices to make sure that we know how to apply the step by step strategies. TTT lessons are very well structured and i felt that i was learning more than my friends in school. 

I would like to recommend my teacher to other students as the way he teaches is very systematic and very organised. He teaches at a pace that suits the students and ensures that all out doubts and queries are answered. He is definitely the best English teacher that I've ever had in my whole secondary school life.



Unity Sec


C6 (MYE)-> B3 (O level) 

Significant progress

in just 4 months! 


Mr Russell is a really passionate and determined teacher. His passion for teaching has driven him to inspire and motivate others to push themselves to consistently acquire excellent grades. I always look forward to his class as he never fails to enlighten the class’s mood with his energy and enthusiasm which makes his lesson really interesting and lively. 

His understanding of the subject is also admirable and he has crafted many summary and 'cheat sheets' to help us focus on what is essential, often giving us a feeling of confidence and security when we take our tests.  The materials he has provided for my classmates and i are really helpful as it teaches us different ways and techniques to tackle different questions be it essays, comprehension questions, or editing. This was extremely important for me because we tend to be learning without direction and without the necessary materials in school. 

I would highly recommend Mr Russell as I’m sure the impact that his teaching has had on me will surely have an impact on others too. I am sure students will enjoy being in his class without having to think about needing to drag themselves to class. It’ll certainly be a pleasure for students to have Mr Russell by their side constantly pushing them to succeed as he was also constantly there, pushing me when i had no motivation to study before my O level last year. He managed to push me, and i improved a lot, jumping from a C6 at prelims to a B3 for my GCE O Levels Examination despite only starting English tuition a few months before my GCE O levels.

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Juying Sec

C6 (MYE) -> B3 (O level)

Visible progress

in just 4 months!

My teacher (Mr Russell) always treats us seriously and is very determined to help us do well for our exams. Before attending tuition lessons at TTT, i thought English was a subject that could not he studied and was rather a ‘can or cannot’ subject. After attending his lessons, i realised that English is actually very important, and that it is possible to prepare for the exams. I started focusing more on skills and i practiced all the skills that he taught, including how to answer each comprehension question type.


The notes and materials he gave to us also proved very detailed, and it allowed me to understand which skills to practice and master before my exams. Mr. Russell is also a very interesting person, and he makes his lessons fun and enjoyable by making a few jokes and witty comments. 

I would like to thank Mr Russell for his never give up attitude towards all of us and changing my perspective towards English. I would strongly recommend him to other students as he is able to adapt his lessons to suit a student's learning needs, overall making it easier to understand his lessons. I managed to improve from a C6 (MYE) to a B3 (O level) in just four months!

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Teng Shi

Jurongville Sec

D7 (EOY) -> B3 (MYE)

Quick progress in

6 months!

My teacher (Mr Lee) is a very out-going person. He is also very creative in the way he teaches his lessons. He would always use real-life context to explain a vocabulary word when it is hard for me to understand the word. Furthermore, he is also a person who conduct his lessons systematically and he always plans his lessons with a clear objective to the lessons. As a student i can really understand what he is teaching and I am able to apply all the writing skills that he has taught me.

In one of his lessons, he taught me the skill of how to introduce sensory details in my writing so that i can improve my writing skills. He wrote a sample essay as an example and asked me to observed the skills that he applied. Afterwards, he guided me with my writing experiments. He taught me not to be too literal in my writing and after applying the skills that he taught, i realised that i am now able to write proper essays, and i am also starting to enjoy the process of writing essays.

I am thankful for his lessons. Without his guidance, i might not be able to pass my English. I am currently one of the top student in his class at Jurongville Sec, and I appreciate everything, especially the 'high impact' vocabulary list that he gave to me. It definitely helped me a lot in my writing!

Mr Lee is someone who really interact with students. He is very open minded and whenever you talk to him, he sounded and feel more like a friend which is very important for me. I believe that effective learning can only take place when the students feel comfortable talking to the teacher. Thus i would recommend my teacher and TTT to my friends.



Unity Sec


C6 (MYE) -> B3 (O level)

Salient improvements

in just 3 months!


I joined TTT two months before the O level and I was taught by Mr Russell. Mr Russell is a very interesting teacher who always makes his lessons fun and engaging.


Mr. Russell is friendly and he builds great rapport with his students. He  sincerely tries to get to know each and every one of us. He is hardworking and he is always determined to help his students. He actively encourages them to do their best and I feel safe under his care.


He writes good, well-structured notes that definitely cannot be found elsewhere and his lessons and his materials helped me gain a deeper understanding on the examinations and the strategies required to tackle them efficiently.


I would like to thank Mr Russell for being a hardworking and passionate teacher who tried very hard for us, even though it was a stressful period as we joined late and he had a lot of students. I am also very happy that I managed to improve from a C6 (MYE) to a B3 (O level) in just three months! 

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Unity Sec

 C6 (MYE) -> B3 (O level)

Significant improvements in just 6 months! 

 Mr Lee was very nice and helpful. He provided top materials and notes that were well-researched, with a clear strategy for each component. TTT materials also provided a lot of tips on how to do even better, such as for instance how to apply persuasive techniques in situational writing, to help us do better than our peers in school.


Mr Lee is also a good teacher and his instructions were very clear and easy to follow and easy to apply. He is also very patient and he always ensure that the students understand the skills and techniques before he carry on with their lesson. Consultation and help are also always available, something that not many group tuition provides.


I managed to obtain a B3 at O levels. This was the best grade that i have ever achieved for EL (I usually get a C for EL in school). I feel that i could have perhaps even improved to an A2 if I had more lessons or time at the centre.


TTT made me realised that it is actually possible to prepare for the EL paper, and this was very different from school, where the teachers just asked us to read the newspapers or do practices. TTT teaches and focuses a lot on skills, and that is why i think that students and parents should sign up at TTT without any hesistation, because they are definitely the best English learning centre in Singapore.

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Ling Shuan

Unity Sec

C5 -> B3 (O level)
Improved by 2 grades

in just 3 months!

My Teacher, Mr Russell, has deep knowledge and passion for teaching English. He is also very friendly and approachable, and I can always text him if i have any questions or doubts. Mr Russell puts in effort to get to know each and every one of his students. He also helps us improve by giving excellent advice on what we can do better in. 

The teachers in TTT also spend a lot of time making very helpful notes for the students. The notes include step by step strategies and a compilation of practices from past year papers. The step by step strategies are very easy to remember and all the practices helped me with identifying the different question types and which strategy to use. My teacher also gives out another set of summarised notes which helped a lot when I was studying for my O Levels. 

I would like to thank Mr Russell for his passion and determination to help me improve. His sincerity drove me to work harder for my O Levels and get a better grade. Despite only joining 3 months before O Levels, Mr Russell helped me improve from a C5 to a B3. 

Mr Russell has the ability to build caring relationships with his students. He genuinely cares about all his students and does his best to help us improve. He is truly a very caring and passionate teacher and I would like to recommend him to other students.


Min Khant

Juying Sec

C6 -> B3 (O level)

Visible improvements in

just 4 months!

The teachers in TTT are very determined to help us improve and they are very passionate in their teaching. I think this was the driving force behind the impressive notes and lessons that I got when I attended lessons at TTT. 

TTT teachers teach with incredible clarity. They are also very patient and creative and they will always try to find a way to clarify doubts especially if their students are unsure with any of the skills covered. 

The notes produced are always evolving, catered to meet any new difficulties that we have when applying the skills. I find that the teachers are reflective and  I appreciate the fact that they are constantly trying to find ways to adjust the notes to suit each student. It really shows that the teachers are constantly reflective and improving, and they work very hard to ensure that the students learn and improve.

The one thing that sets TTT apart from my school lessons is the fun and enjoyable learning environment. I really enjoy the liveliness of the lessons, and I really appreciate my teachers for making the lessons fun and engaging. I look forward to attending each lesson because they were never boring or repetitive, which I think is essential for learning. Through the guidance of the teachers, I managed to improve from a C grade to a B3 at O level and hence, I would really recommend students to join.


Juying Sec


Low F9 (MYE) -> C5 (O level)

4 grades jump in just 5 months! 

In the past, I was struggling in school and i was not sure how to study for English or how to improve for EL. I tried to do something about it but i felt that it was difficult to even secure a pass for my EL exams in the past.

However, ever since I joined TTT, I realised that there is actually a way to get through the syllabus. The lessons at TTT were very well-structured and the teachers focused on teaching skills, which my school didn't cover. The skills were taught in a simple, structured manner, and studying for the English Language became much easier for me. We were told to applied the strategies in a step by step manner, and we were given a lot of drills and practices to ensure that we understood how to apply the various strategies. This was extremely useful for comprehension and essay writing.


In just five months, i managed to make a 4 grade jump from a F9 (31%) to a C5 at O level. I believe that i would have done even better if i had joined the centre earlier. To those that doesn’t like English language as a subject and struggling through it, I must say that TTT will change your perception towards how to learn and prepare yourself for the O level EL paper.

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Unity Sec

C6 (MYE) -> B4 (O level)

Significant improvements in just 3 months!

My teacher, Mr Russell explains the lessons really in detail and he is also willing to repeat again if any of his students could not understand certain parts. I signed up for classes on a Monday night and it can sometimes be tiring to attend tuition after school, but Mr. Russell often makes some small jokes or quick chats to create a positive and happy learning environment in class. 

Mr Russell always strives to make better notes for us. I fee encouraged by his actions, and it inspired me to work hard and improve my English. TTT create their own materials and my teacher even provide summaries of some of the notes to help make learning faster and more effective. Mr Russell also sometimes show videos, especially when teaching content for oral and argumentative writing, and this helped us to remember some of the content better. He is also very willing to write more notes for us, especially in areas that we may find more difficult to pick up the concepts or skills.

I am very grateful to Mr Russell for his guidance during the past few months before my O level. If it wasn’t for his teaching I wouldn’t have the confidence to ace my English. I would definitely recommend Mr Russell and TTT to other students as the teachers at TTT put in a lot of effort in creating better materials for TTT students.

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Juying Sec

D7 (MYE) -> B3 (O level)

4 grades jump in 4 months

Learning at TTT was an experience that I will never forget. I have been to several other centres before but they never seemed to teach EL properly, and I was actually initially a bit hesitant to attend yet another EL tuition, but lessons with Mr Russell were certainly very inspiring moments. He is a very driven and inspiring teacher who is able to tell students exactly what they need to do to do well. That came in the form of his very efficient notes and drills and i remembered learning how to identify and handle every single comprehension question types, and even how to set questions, which allowed me to train myself to analyse the text in a better way. I really like that Mr Russell was able to make EL seem like a less obscure subject, and something that was more like Maths and Science, with simple, clear steps to attain good mastery. This probably enabled me to improve from a D7 to a B3 in just 4 months!

The centre was also more like a home, rather than a school, and i remembered that my friends and I felt welcomed and we often visited the centre to consult Mr. Russell and Mr. Lee. Even after we have graduated, we still constantly meet up to play Monopoly or participate in voluntary work with the staff at the centre. The teachers were also very hardworking, setting aside extra time for consultation. I recommended all my juniors to join the centre, and i am glad that they are also enjoying the same experience that I had. Thank you TTT!

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Hui Qing

Juying Sec

F9 (MYE) -> C6 (prelims)

3 grades jump in 4 months

The teachers at TTT are very easily approachable and helpful. Concepts and techniques taught are easy to understand. It allows both weaker students like me, and stronger students to understand and prepare for their EL paper.


The notes are easy to comprehend and are designed in a clear and concise manner to help students focus on the necessary skills needed to help them make improvements. 


Although I only attended TTT for 3 months, the teachers there have helped me tremendously, helping me to improve from a F9 (MYE) to a C6 (prelims). The teachers at TTT are very caring and they patiently taught me how to answer respective questions appropriately, thus allowing me to improve.


TTT teaches us different techniques and creates opportunities for us to apply them in respective situations. The teachers there are very proactive and approachable, which allows us to ask questions without the fear of being judged.

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Kai Xian

Unity Sec

C5 (EOY) -> A2 (MYE)

Improved after 6 months

of lessons

I would really like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude for the effort and time that my teacher at TTT has invested in all of the students.


The way my teacher (Mr Russell) teaches is unlike any other. He teaches with the end goal of helping us achieve an A grade and not a pass. His passion and drive to help us excel is clearly evident in his interesting and effective lessons, as well as in terms of the notes that TTT provides. TTT notes are clear and well-structured, and it helps students to understand every single skills needed for all examinable components of the EL paper.


In class, Mr Russell uses all sorts of strategies to teach us and get the point across. He covered a range of skills and components that are taught in Sec 1-4, like speeches and articles to help us better prepare for our examinations. I also like his clear and concise step by step instructions and it certainly enabled students to know what to do for each component of the paper. 


I just really want to thank Mr Russell for making the class interesting and exciting as I look forward to every lesson  and his motivation definitely gave me the passion and the drive I need to study hard for my English examinations. I would definitely recommend TTT.

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Juying Sec

Mr Lee is a very patient teacher who tries his best to adhere to the student’s needs. He gives constructive feedback on my essays and he is able to explain concepts that are difficult to understand. He occasionally tells stories about his own life to engage and relate to students better. 


There were a number of things that I felt was extremely beneficial. Firstly, the oral notes provided really helped me improve my articulation and avoid making commonly made mistakes in pronunciation. My teachers also provided us with a list of 'high-impact' vocabulary words which made me feel fairly confident for my oral exams! Secondly, i really appreciate the notes on the different types of hybrid essay questions. The lessons on hybrid writing were the best lessons that i had at TTT, and i learnt how to identify the different types of questions and how to structure my response for each question type.  This was something that my teachers did not cover in school, and i am glad that i learnt it at TTT. 

I want to thank Mr Lee for guiding me and also for his engaging and effective lessons! Without joining TTT, I would have not understood the different techniques that appear in the O level English paper! I highly recommend TTT because the teachers always worked really hard for the students, often putting the students before themselves. Mr Lee is an amazing teacher and he is willing to help you to the best of his abilities. 

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Jia Yi

Juying Sec

My teachers are really approachable and patient. Although I joined in near to O levels, my teachers were professional and on task in ensuring that all the students could understand the skills taught. They also provided a lot of practices to help us learn how to utilise different techniques.

TTT also provides all sorts of useful notes which makes learning easier and the easy-to-follow step-by-step structure also made mastering the EL paper a quicker and more efficient process. The centre was also very beautiful and the teachers ensured that students could learn in a comfortable environment where we could ask questions and get our queries answered on the spot which I thought was really productive.

I want to especially thank Mr Lee, who has given me much support throughout my EL journey with The Thought Tailor. I would definitely recommend the centre to my friends as the tuition fee is quite affordable, and more importantly because of the sincere efforts that the teachers have devoted into lessons and notes-making. I love lessons at TTT because they are really effective in addressing my concerns for EL!