Our curriculum research team is staffed by ex-MOE teachers, with the right knowledge and teaching experience at MOE secondary schools and junior colleges. Our team constantly researches on the best teaching pedagogies, as well as adopt subject-specific strategies to ensure that our students are well-prepared for their exams. 


Our step-by-step learning strategy is intended to provide some structure and focus to ensure more efficient learning, and we provide regular feedback on homework and in-class quizzes to actively monitor our students’ academic journey. 


At TTT, we also cater to a wide spectrum of students, and we constantly research and refine our approach to provide highly-efficient differentiated classroom instructions. Students who are weaker are given more help to meet the fundamental requirements, and we also constantly stretch our top students, by introducing more complex concepts to help them develop greater critical thinking and more sophisticated writing skills.

Our General Paper Content

Research Team

AT TTT, we take our GP content research seriously. We have recruited some of the top teachers with the necessary background in GP-related topics. These teachers are all graduates from prestigious universities, with at least a first-class honour, a master degree or a PHD in a GP-related field.


Given that GP is a multi-disciplinary subject, our research team is divided into four main research clusters, each helmed by an expert with at least a masters/phd in the field. You can be rest assured that we have the latest insights, as many of our teachers maintain good connection with their universities and follow the latest trends and research developments across the different fields in social science.


Media, Science and Technology Unit

Cluster Leader: Dr. Chua

Research Team: Dr. Chua, Ms. Sanusha, Ms. Khng, Mr. Jarrod, Mr Choon Ray


Society and Culture Unit

Cluster Leader: Ms. Amy and Ms. Lam (co-led)

Research Team: Ms. Amy, Ms. Lam, Dr. Chua, Ms. Khng, Ms. Sami


International Relations & Global Issues Unit

Cluster Leader: Mr. Russell

Research Team: Mr. Russell, Ms. Amy, Ms. Lam, Mr. Wee, Ms. Sami


Governance, Economy and Public Policy Unit

Cluster Leader: Ms. Sanusha

Research Team: Ms Sanusha, Mr Russell, Mr. Wee, Ms. Lam, Mr. Choon Ray


We are also in the midst of recruiting more research assistants and research associates to provide another layer of research focus by geographical regions to complement our research focus on issues/topics. We welcome multidisciplinary experts (politics and culture) with deep interests in the regions of South America, the Middle East and Central Europe to apply to us for either a part-time or full-time research position.