What Students say


Raffles Institution (JC)

TTT helped me look at current affairs and issues in a more critical way through its comprehensive and well-crafted notes. The notes were extremely helpful as they helped me understand the basics of each topic before introducing complex arguments for and against each issue.


To tackle Paper 2, I found it very helpful when TTT broke down the different question types we would face and teach us the relevant skills needed to address each of them. This simplified Paper 2 greatly for me and made me more confident when attempting the paper.


For me, the most memorable lessons are those where we get to collaborate with others in class when working on essays as it allowed me to listen to different perspectives which I feel later improved the way I analysed different questions. Furthermore, despite it being group tuition, I always felt that I was given enough support as the teachers and the teaching assistants always made sure to give us individual feedback on our work.


I would also like to thank  Mr Russell for always being very enthusiastic in class and for making lessons really fun and engaging. 

I would also like to thank  Mr Russell for always being very enthusiastic in class and for making lessons really fun and engaging.  I appreciate how he encourages us to take our writing one step further by introducing theories and philosophy. He is clear when explaining complex concepts, always takes the time to address our concerns and ensures that no one is left behind.



Overall, my experience at TTT has been amazing and I am grateful for how it has not only helped me improve in GP but also learn to appreciate the subject as well.

Raffles Institution (JC)


I joined TTT at the beginning of JC2, and my understanding of GP as a subject has improved a lot by then. I used to hate GP as I didn't know how to approach any of the question types for both essays and comprehension, but after the guidance of both Mr Russell and Mr Chia, I have become more confident in addressing GP questions.


For Mr Russell especially, his lectures on politics, national identity and globalisation were really informative, and they helped to deepen my understanding of these topics. The notes included many points and examples that can be used for essays, as well as some essays written by Mr Russell himself during his uni days! These were all very useful as references and exemplars that I used for my own essays and for studying.


Mr Russell also made his lessons more interesting by including his personal anecdotes, which made the points he was trying to make more memorable. I found this to be very effective, as this helped me to link examples together and remember them better.


Outside of the content lectures, many of the other lessons included completing both essay and comprehension practices on the spot, which were quite stressful under timed conditions, but prepared us better for school exams.

I would like to thank Mr Russell for his patience and guidance with essays especially! His comments on my work helped me to better understand and improve on my weaker areas. He also goes the extra mile to check on his students and make sure that they are managing well in school. I am grateful for all his help in the past year :)


Hwa Chong Institution

There are a few reasons I love TTT. The first being the convenient location, the second being the content notes given and last but most definitely not least, the teachers. The teachers in TTT are engaging, patient and witty. Apart from trying their best to engage us in class, they also strive to provide holistic education to us by scattering random facts that always leave the class entertained and interested to learn more. The notes are always up to date with a wide range of examples for all topics. The notes are categorised based on bigger topics such as environment, politics, ethics, et cetera so that we can refer to them with ease instead of having to sort them out by ourselves. I can confidently say that the notes are easily better than most notes given by schools and you will receive help specifically tailored to your learning style with teachers being there for you. This certainly has helped to quicken my personal learning process as I take quite a lot of time classifying notes by topics so I can decide which are the most useful for me.


During lessons, we learn how to use a multi-layered approach to generate complex arguments which help to add flair to our writing and also show maturity in our thinking. I am also exposed to different philosophies and ethics which has helped me to look at things from different perspectives instead of just one. For both essays and comprehension, the various evaluative tools taught by the teachers has also helped me score significantly higher marks.


Mr Russell is an erudite teacher who has lots of enthusiasm in his teaching. He always makes lessons interesting and fun. In school, I always struggled with paying attention and would sometimes fall asleep but at TTT, Mr Russell constantly leaves us paying rapt attention with his funny jokes and various videos that help deepen our understanding. He also provides us with personalised feedback on our work as well and helps us better understand the struggles we may face in school. Overall, I highly recommend TTT due to their well-designed notes and knowledgeable tutors which have helped to improve my grades by leaps and bounds.


Raffles Institution (JC)

Joining TTT has not only helped me improve my grades, but also made me more enthusiastic about the subject. This is because of how passionate the teachers at TTT are about teaching and sharing their knowledge. Mr Russell was especially helpful given his thorough understanding of my topics of interest such as politics and governance as well as international relations. He was always willing to clarify any misconceptions I had and guide me in my understanding of even the most complex theories. Moreover, Mr Russell taught us very crucial techniques and skills to tackle tricky questions in the GP paper that enabled me to feel more confident in my GP capabilities.


Besides that, TTT content notes are the absolute best. I love how they cover a variety of perspectives and offer numerous evidences which are not commonly used. Moreover, the notes also usually include very insightful evaluation of key points for each topic which allowed me to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the topic and in turn, write a more compelling and insightful GP essay.


I have absolutely no regrets joining TTT and I believe that anyone who has ever been a student of TTT would say the same.

Raffles Institution (JC)


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I absolutely love TTT! I LOVE the fact that the teachers provide excellent content notes that enable us to develop complex, multi-layered analysis, for various key topics including Global Hunger, Poverty, Science and Technology, Environment, International Relations, Politics, philosophy and many more. The content lectures were certainly a tour de force. 

Learning at TTT has been an absolute joy, one that I can't find anywhere else, not in the centres that I joined previously, and so much so that I have never skipped any classes. 

I also adore the fact that the teachers provide personalised drills for essay writing, and there are frequent writing experiment classes, that are carried out on both Zoom and at the centre, to help us apply skills including how to write good hooks or an effective introduction. This is something that we do not really get to try in school, and I think it certainly helps me to work towards eliminating some of my bad habits in writing.

One thing that I found really interesting was that the teachers were also extremely competitive, and they helped me to be able to match the competition that I face in school.I learned a lot from Mr Russell and I am grateful that he has shared some of the study and essay writing strategies that enabled him to beat his peers when he was a student at the University of Cambridge. It was really fun exploring literary writing techniques for hook writing, and this enabled me to have the je ne sais quoi in my writing compared to my peers.

Learning at TTT has definitely been a privilege for me. Thank you.

Raffles Institution (JC)


After joining TTT, I became more confident about General Paper as a subject. The notes provided by the teachers at TTT are wide-ranging in terms of topics and examples that go beyond the notes provided by the school as well as other tuition centres. Unlike school notes which dumps a huge pile of articles on students, TTT compiles useful and relevant examples for each topic. Apart from the examples, the notes also help students link these examples to the wider topic and help them see the issue from multiple perspectives allowing students to see the bigger picture. Another key feature of the notes that have been very useful in my A level journey is the list of essay questions for students to try which include questions from past A levels and essay questions from other JCs. For comprehension, the teachers will go through various comprehension skills and allocate class time to mark and go through each question in-depth with students to ensure that all students are able to understand the contents of the lesson.


The teachers at TTT are more than willing to offer help and take time out of their busy schedules to help students clarify misconceptions and mark additional work. During these consultations, the teachers will explain each comment in great detail to ensure that students are made aware of any areas of improvement. Through these consults, I was able to understand the thought process behind writing a GP essay and saw my grades improve especially for essay writing. During this pandemic, the teachers at TTT were able to quickly adapt to a different way of teaching such that each student was still able to learn effectively during each class such as by splitting students into groups to facilitate the exchange of ideas for essay questions which allows students of different JCs to learn from each other.


Personally, I feel that Mr Russell cares deeply for each student and is always very friendly and open to consults. During lessons, he is able to clearly articulate the content in the notes and link these ideas to allow students to have a better understanding of the material. Even for complex concepts, Mr Russell is able to break them down such that it is easier for students to digest the content. When it comes to marking essays and comprehension questions, Mr Russell clearly explains the requirements of the questions so that students are clear in terms of what to look out for.


I would like to thank TTT and their teachers for making GP less intimidating and more interesting as over the course of this journey, I have grown to appreciate GP in all of its complexity and grew more fond of the subject.

Jia De

Hwa Chong Institution

I have attended some other GP tuitions during my JC time and I can safely say that the tutors in TTT have definitely impacted my learning the most.


Mr Russell has always been extremely enthusiastic about teaching and he provided us with avenues for creative writing that might not be so prevalent in schools. He also taught us how to apply varying levels of evaluation in our essays to give us the extra depth of analysis. During content building lessons, he would show us interesting videos of relevant events such as the Syrian war which allowed us to fully understand the examples that we could use to effectively bring out our point in essays.


Mr Lee is also an excellent teacher as he is very understanding and he structured his lessons in a way to maximise the use of the limited lesson time so that we could learn the most within that 2 hours. His comprehension lessons were impeccable as we were all clear about the requirements and how we were supposed to answer in order to obtain the maximum mark. Honestly, my only regret was not knowing about TTT earlier in JC1.




Raffles Institution (JC)

TTT has provided me with amazing learning materials for GP containing really fascinating information to expand my knowledge. Each lesson material given is prepared comprehensively by the teachers. Through the different resources, I was able to learn more unique examples that piqued my interest in various topics. The teachers are extremely enthusiastic and provided us with numerous avenues for creative writing. A key form of help they provided was aiding us in understanding the intention of evaluation and the different ways in achieving levels of evaluation to bring greater depth to essays. The teachers also plan out engaging lessons, including interesting videos of relevant events and discussions to help us to fully understand the examples that we were introduced to.


The teachers aim to constantly expose students to different dimensions of the English Language so that we may incorporate multi-layered arguments as well as ethics and philosophies into our writing. Their devotion and passion motivated me to explore more on my own. Staying true to their mission, TTT ensures that they really tailor the thoughts of students rather than forcing students to memorise the behemoth amount of information that is being imparted to us.


The teachers are very passionate about their jobs. They aid students in each step of the way to break down essay questions. Mr Russell is also very knowledgeable about the subject, providing sophisticated analytical structures and tools to help students to develop the necessary complex analysis to do well. The teachers are extremely caring, very approachable and accommodating.

Sui Ling

The teachers at TTT are really some of the funniest and genuine people, who are very passionate about their job! They always contextualise lessons in real life, making it a lot more fun and relatable as compared to the dry lessons in school.

Anglo-Chinese JC

Their step by step strategies to break down essay questions and short answers questions in comprehension really helped me tremendously in being able to analyse questions more accurately and answer with precision, which was something that I had previously struggled within school. Given that this is the very first language-based tuition I’ve attended (and I attended only in the second half in J2), it was honestly a very eye-opening experience to learn that GP is actually so much more interesting than what I thought it to be!

I used to think that language-based subjects never really required studying. But after attending classes, I found myself to have an edge over my classmates in school as I started to see improvements in my overall score, namely my comprehension papers as in the past I had only managed to barely pass.

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I would like to thank the teachers for letting me enrol even though I joined much later than the majority, but still taking the time to check my progress and to see how I’m doing. They also reply to my queries, which helps me to better progress with my revision towards the A-Levels! (P.S. I had friends come up to me and tell me that they regret not quitting their respective GP tuition centres after seeing TTT’s super comprehensive notes... )


TTT teachers are some of the best. They are highly dedicated in what they do, providing excellent guidance with detailed customized feedback on how we can improve on our comprehension and essay responses and even answering our queries on online platforms.


Before joining, I felt that I had reached a plateau in my preparation for GP. However, I began to level up just after a few months with TTT. TTT delves into a range of topics and the teachers are constantly curating and refining their thought-provoking lectures based on changing events.

Both teachers also provide well-organised notes which are packed with evaluative tools and answering techniques to tackle various comprehension question types as well as essay-writing. Furthermore, their content-rich lectures also keep us abreast of current affairs and teach us the strategies to weave such knowledge into our essay-writing to enhance it.  


Anglo-Chinese JC

Screenshot (31)_edited.jpg

TTT teachers are also passionate and the lessons are nothing short of depth. Such that we can set aside time for improving our writing skills. I would like to thank both Mr Russell and Mr Lee for investing their energy into GP.  TTT has been a great source of motivation for me in the lead-up to As. 


Raffles Institution (JC)


TTT has been greatly beneficial in providing me with extra practice and materials to improve my GP. Not to mention the teachers whom are friendly and approachable, they don’t mind going the extra mile for the students. Furthermore, the notes given are in depth and layered with details and skills to put into use that can give you that extra edge in doing GP.


For me, the best thing about TTT are the tactics that they teach to aid me in tackling the GP papers and the way the teachers conduct their lessons, whether it be telling stories or making jokes during lessons to make them more interesting. So, if you need help in GP, I would definitely suggest TTT!


Jie Ying

Before joining TTT, I always thought that to excel in GP is pure luck. It is unlikely for me, who has a weak foundation in English, to do well in GP. However, after joining TTT, I have learnt the systematic ways to approach GP.

The thought-provoking lessons have trained me to think critically and shed new light on current affairs. Furthermore, Mr Russel even goes the extra mile to provide late-night consultation sessions before A-Level. I am really that I joined TTT!



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Despite being with The Thought Tailor for only 1 year, I have seen a significant improvement in my language skills. This is a result of the comprehensive lectures coupled with the individual essay practices that help us to identify our previous pitfalls and ways to better our writing skills by addressing them. There were also numerous useful content lectures including science and technology, global hunger and poverty, and also evaluative techniques that I used to help me to achieve an A for my JC1 promo essay! For Paper 2, we are taught the different types of questions so that we can answer them effectively. With a holistic approach to both content and language skills, The Thought Tailor has helped me tremendously. 


Mr Russell and Mr Lee are very engaging and never fail to make even the most boring topics interesting through personal anecdotes and humour. They also provided excellent analytical insight that enabled me to develop my critical thinking ability. Languages have always been my weakest subjects and hence coming into JC, I was intimidated by GP. However, The Thought Tailor has managed to make GP not only less daunting but even fun.

National JC


Gong Wang

Hwa Chong Institution

I started attending lessons with Mr Russell in 2018. Previously, I was constantly failing, if not, barely passing my English Language. It was my weakest subject, yet, I did not know how to improve or which area to work on first. I tried various ways in an attempt to improve and strengthen my EL, such as reading books, writing more essays, doing more practice and more. However, I barely improved and was repeatedly making the same mistakes. I was extremely demoralised and dreaded attending English lessons in school. 


However, when I first started attending lessons with Mr Russell, I was immediately provided with a better understanding of the language. Mr Russell has taught me the various answering techniques and strategies. It was especially useful as he had categorised the different question types and components, and provided a step-by-step method to approach the question. It made my understanding of the various factors and components very clear, and revision was extremely simple and easy. Furthermore, the resources and materials provided are very comprehensive and in-depth.  


With his unwavering guidance and support, I managed to clinch a B3 for my O Levels, and I am currently a J1 student studying at Hwa Chong Institution. I have continued to attend lessons from Mr Russell for my GP and I am hoping to secure an A/B for GP next year!


Be it comprehensions or essays, Mr Russell and Mr Chia are highly competent in delivering answering and evaluating techniques. Having attended another GP tuition (which mainly stresses putting all the eggs in one basket - Paper 2), I marvel at how TTT is able to provide extensive lessons that cover almost all aspects and topics in GP.


Zooming into essays, TTT supplies comprehensive and reader-friendly notes for various topics like Global Hunger, Poverty, Science and Technology, Politics and Governance, etc. What’s effective is that these notes provide topic sentences and versatile concrete examples that can answer various essay questions, with a bit of thinking and tweaking.


With a more solid understanding of various topics, such lessons have sharpened my evaluative skills where I am better able to discuss the question on a more macro level. Also, they hone my meta-thinking ability by showing me ways to question the question and thus craft a more evaluative essay.


Along the same vein, when it comes to preparing us to handle Paper 2, TTT provides plenty of drills for different question types, ranging from language use to in your own words types of questions. Practices on summary taught me concise writing and deepened my lexicon bank. What I love most would be time focused on honing AQ skills as I was able to work with buddies. Through that, I was able to explore and apply relatable Singapore knowledge in intriguing contexts of the passage and evaluate them further.

River Valley High School


Overall, I find TTT’s learning style highly productive and manageable as teachers have always scheduled a smooth switch from focusing on essays to comprehension, and vice versa.

Choon Hau

Studying at the thought tailor novena branch has enabled me to tackle complex and intangible ideas and complex required to ace in GP. Some of the most unique and helpful aspects of lessons were the provision of categorised essay questions is accompanied by detailed and extensive researched notes help to broaden my knowledge and interest in the various topics.

Lessons at thought tailor are definitely well balanced in tackling and handling both paper 1 and 2 concepts and skills which ensures that students are prepared for both papers before their examinations. However, these improvements wouldn't be possible without the expertise and excellent teaching of Mr Russell who is not only able to simplify and quantify many abstract topics for students but also help them to conceptualise and apply these crucial concepts.

Mr Russell shines exceptionally with his 1 on 1 consults which help to quickly identify and correct my mistakes immediately. Furthermore, Mr Russell goes the extra mile in double-checking my corrected errors to ensure a complete understanding of my mistakes which is essential in scoring good grades for paper 2.


St Andrew's JC


Mr Russell and Mr Lee are caring teachers who are passionate in terms of transferring their knowledge and skills to their students. They patiently guide us to work on our weaknesses while strengthening our strengths so as to ensure faster improvements. They take extra steps to help us by providing online consultations and even arranging crash courses to better prepare us for examinations. Apart from just teaching, both teachers look out for our well-being and constantly encourage us to strive for better performance.


Lessons are prepared and modified to fit the needs of students from varying schools, such as SAJC, RI, RVHS, HCI, ACJC, ASRJC and JPJC. Unlike how content is taught in most schools where students are given an overwhelming amount of news articles and sample essays to read, TTT teachers provide well-structured notes that are concise and simple to understand, as well as rich, informative videos to further assist in our learning. The step-by-step strategies and complex evaluative framework (e.g. GER model) taught are also easy to apply, especially after we practise them during lessons.


I would like to thank both Mr Russell and Mr Lee for investing their time and effort into creating high-quality notes and step-by-step exam approaches which are very beneficial for my learning. I greatly appreciate their care for all students as well as their passion for teaching. This is clearly evident from how they constantly improve materials and teaching techniques so as to ensure that we learn effectively. 


Like most of my classmates, I believe that TTT is the best GP centre in Singapore, and I believe that every student will definitely learn something that can help them trigger further growth in terms of both skills and content mastery.



Both Mr Russell and Mr Lee made GP so much easier to understand in terms of writing skills, answering techniques as well as information on different topics. The way they explain topics made lessons very interesting and it allowed me to absorb and understand the information faster. They have also shared many tips on how to score when dealing with different GP questions and it really provided me with a solid guide on what are the requirements and hence allowing me to score. 


The resources provided at TTT are very concise and are categorized in a way such that it is very easy to access any particular information I want. Their resources also make it easy for students to link different topics together using similar examples. This allowed me to come up with many points for my essay as well as AQ. On top of the notes provided, the teachers often send us videos related to the topic we are discussing to allow us to have a deeper understanding about it. Class discussions and practices helped to boost my confidence in writing as both Mr Russell and Mr Lee provide very constructive and positive feedback.


Seeing the amount of effort that both teachers put into teaching us and ensuring that we understand all their lessons pushed me to work harder and put in more effort into GP. I would really want to thank them for making GP so much easier to handle and for constantly encouraging me to work harder.

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Hwa Chong Institution

Anglo-Chinese JC

Choon Ray

I am deeply grateful to both my teachers, Mr Russell and Mr Lee, for all the help they have dedicated to my friends and me. They would always take the effort to check our work even when we submitted them late at night. Even when I did additional practices outside of the lessons, they would never reject my request for their help. Outside of lessons, they would also occasionally send my class useful and relevant articles to aid in our learning as they constantly push my class to expand our horizons. During lessons, they also put in the effort to interact with my class so that they would be able to know us personally. 



I would absolutely recommend TTT to everyone, even those who are already securing an A or B in GP. TTT can definitely push you further to guarantee your success. TTT is an experience that I would never forget and I hope that more students will get the opportunity to experience this wonderful TTT journey themselves. Do come and join the TTT family today!

TTT has helped me tremendously throughout the 2 years of my JC life. I used to dread English or General Paper in this manner as I just could not seem to do well for the subject despite putting in significant effort or hard work. I also used to think that the subject is very boring and that there was not much to learn in the subject. However, my perceptions changed completely once I joined TTT. During lessons, the teachers constantly exposed my class to different dimensions of the English Language that I did not know existed such as multi-layered arguments as well as ethics and philosophies. With their passion and zeal, I was able to enhance my writing and comprehension skills more effectively which made learning so much more enjoyable.

Each lesson material given by TTT is prepared thoroughly by the teachers who are always mindful of how to make our learning more effective. Through the different notes and worksheets, I had ample practice and was able to better my skills easier. TTT also has standard strategies such as evaluative tools for the different components in essay-writing and comprehension. Those strategies were constantly emphasised by the teachers throughout the year which made learning much more efficient.


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Yishun Innova JC

Joining TTT has truly been a unique experience for me. The teachers are able to provide valuable insights on a plethora of topics and their patience to constantly help us improve has been endless. I really like that the lessons are well structured. There would be a specific goal set for each lesson, which is always achieved at the end of the lesson, making classes meaningful and productive.


Mr Russell is very passionate and always keen on improving each student’s method of writing to make us stand out and get an upper edge against every other student in the nation. His essay crafting techniques - including sophisticated structures and highly-complex analysis are definitely one of a kind and not taught in schools, making it so unique and effective. As for Mr Lee, his clear explanation of the requirements for the comprehension paper made it such that even though the question may seem daunting, it was simple to answer correctly. Especially for the Application Question (AQ), knowing the requirements made it much easier to directly meet the requirements to attain the highest possible mark. 


Despite having to attend some lessons on Zoom meeting, the lessons were still very effective. We used Google Documents to type out our essays for homework or classwork and they would provide comments on how it can be crafted better, which provided me with the help and encouragement I needed.  The content videos that were shown helped me to gain a better understanding of the topics at hand, making me gain more interest in them. 


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I am very grateful to the teachers at TTT, for helping me achieve a desirable grade for the A-Level Examinations. Prior to joining TTT, I was not very keen on studying GP as a subject as I felt that it was a very boring subject, but I was taken aback by how the teachers were able to make me change my opinion of GP. The teachers also make an effort to know us personally to cater to our needs more effectively, which has helped me in my improvement.

I would like to thank the teachers as well as my friends for making each lesson enjoyable. I would most definitely recommend TTT to everyone as the experience and insights that you can gain here are one of a kind. 

Learning at TTT has been a joy. The teachers here are passionate about what they do and they always go the extra mile to ensure that we receive all the guidance we need. Any questions we have are always promptly answered, and it is easy to set up consultations if we have any further queries. Lessons are never dull as the teachers are humorous and they make the learning environment extremely comfortable.


The content notes provided by TTT are fantastic, as they are the fruit of the labour of the countless hours spent by the teachers, meticulously compiling all the best examples we can use for different topics. This enables us to craft complex, multi-layered essays that are supported with robust arguments, which sets us apart from our peers. The teachers also equip us with various writing techniques, such as how to write captivating hooks, impactful conclusions, and ways to structure our essays effectively. This allows us to level up our writing skills, and make our essays fun and interesting.


I would like to personally extend my gratitude to Mr Russell and Mr Lee, who have been splendid mentors thus far. Thank you Mr Russell for always believing in me and pushing me to unlock my fullest potential, as well as sharing different writing strategies with us to help add that extra spice into our writing. Thank you Mr Lee for being such an encouraging and patient mentor. He always takes the time to ensure that we are heading in the right direction.

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Swee Kong

Jurong-Piooner JC

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Hwa Chong Institution

TTT is an amazing centre, and the teachers are my pillars of strength in my quest to perfect my skills and content knowledge for General Paper. Unlike the reading materials given in school and elsewhere, the materials provided at TTT are concise, informative and easy to apply, and I find that it has afforded me more time to focus on strengthening my argumentative and application of evaluative strategies, rather than just engaging in a trivial search for examples to back up my points. I enjoy the content lessons, especially the ones on politics, philosophy science and technology and I think Mr Russell provides excellent and interesting examples and perspectives that I can apply in my essay. Mr Lee also provides a skills-based approach to comprehension and AQ, and I feel that this is a more efficient way to ensure tangible growth. 


Both of my GP teachers are also really patient when they teach us. They are also really encouraging and they often motivate us to keep trying harder whenever we face setbacks or problems. Even when we feel less motivated or worried, they will encourage us to practice more and try again until we master the concept. The teachers are also funny and they will make jokes to lighten the atmosphere and make our lessons more engaging and this creates an intense, but lively and fun experience. GP is never boring when you are learning it at TTT!


I would like to thank the teachers for their patience, passion and effort in guiding us through this GP journey. Whenever we have examinations or tests, we will always look for them for extra consultation sessions to clear our doubts and misunderstandings. Even though this takes up their extra time, they always put in a lot of effort to find time to help us so that we can achieve the best results.  


When I first joined TTT, I was surprised to find the classes engaging and informative as I always thought that General paper was a dry and boring subject. 


The constant practice that the teachers issued to me, be it online or in class, allowed me to strengthen my writing skills. The feedback that they gave on every piece of work was detailed, helping me identify my areas of improvement. Additionally, the compiled notes were compact yet detailed, making it easier to absorb the information. 


I would like to thank my teachers for their dedication as they always try to reply to my queries online as soon as possible. Both Mr Lee and Mr Russell are very friendly and approachable teachers and will always try their best to help you.

St Andrew's JC

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read through my panicked confusion reading some of my own works and going the extra mile to always check up on me. Even during the challenging period of going through a pandemic, instead of asking us to print our notes, TTT made the effort to mail our notes to us so we could have a conducive tuition experience at home. Thank you for everything and more, I’m looking forward to continuing my exciting journey next year with TTT! 

Thank you for all your patience and help for the past year! I never expected that attending GP tuition would be so much fun. It feels like attending lessons with family because the environment is very pleasant and engaging. Studying for General Paper has never been dull, if anything it became an enjoyable and informative subject.


Mr Lee and Mr Russell make lessons much more enjoyable to attend because they genuinely care about all their students' progress. GP is a paper that relies heavily on details and awareness of current affairs. It is an overwhelming new subject but they have made it a smooth journey. They answered every question, be it minor queries or major misconceptions. I never felt embarrassed because TTT lessons were a safe space to clarify all my doubts and reinforce my foundation. 


Even outside of TTT lessons, I could consult Mr Lee about random news articles I chanced upon, have discussions about current affairs and check my formatting; this helped me improve my GP skills exponentially. Each TTT lesson is packed with specially compiled notes on each topic and strategies to tackle GP Paper 1 & 2 question types, and they would go through these notes during topical lectures with supplement videos and thorough explanations. These notes were a godsend because they give multiple views on each topic and cover every point with accompanying examples. 


In addition, the notes come with different essay questions that we get to plan for as homework. They place heavy emphasis on completing their assigned homework which was very helpful for me because it pushed me to put what I learned in class into practice. Moreover, they would personally go through essays and give out customised pointers for our writing. With the informative notes and their summary of strategies, I was able to craft multi-layered essays and AQs which allowed me to score during my Promotional Examinations!!! 

Jurong-Piooner JC


Unlike normal GP lessons, TTT's lessons give students a deeper understanding of global issues and local current affairs that allows us to apply it in our essays and comprehension. I enjoy the content lessons the most as the teachers give a detailed explanation and evaluation as to why global events happen. The notes given are very helpful as they have a lot of examples and information that we can use in our essays. They are also very concise, making the notes very convenient to use. 

Lastly and most importantly, the teachers at TTT are very caring and understanding. Other than just teaching us skills and knowledge, they ask us about our school life and ensure that we are doing well.  


I would like to thank the teachers for spending additional time outside of lessons to look through our work and give feedback relentlessly so that we can keep improving on our skills and accuracy.  I would recommend the teachers to other students as they are very approachable which makes asking questions very comfortably. Furthermore, instead of just giving us the model answers, they will guide us through slowly on how to get the answer and improve our understanding.

River Valley High School

Tian Yang

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I genuinely appreciate the teachers at TTT! They always ensure that the lessons delivered are clear and easy to comprehend. Both Mr Russell and Mr Lee are easy to approach for additional help which makes learning much easier. They will also approach me in class to ensure that I fully understood what was being taught. When delivering content lectures, Mr Russell always tries to make it more relatable to our lives and share his experiences/viewpoint on that matter. This has helped me to remember the examples in my head effortlessly without having to really memorise them.

When attending his lessons, is always an eye-opener as I get to hear different perspectives on the same issue. As for the lesson materials provided, it is clearly structured and informative which makes it so much easier for me to refer to when needed. When attending Mr Lee’s lesson for paper 2, he always provides a detailed explanation of the answer (something that is generally brushed off by many school teachers) and how we should interpret the question in order to score the maximum marks. This had helped me tremendously in my recent promotional examinations and had enabled me to set a new record for myself for paper 2. 


I would like to thank both the teachers for being friendly and approachable with the students as they really made GP a less daunting subject for me. Through the things that I have learned in TTT, I am now more confident in tackling the various components in my GP paper and I am certain that I can make further improvements in the future. I am happy to be part of the TTT family and I really hope that potential students will join TTT to help them achieve success for GP :)


Jurong-Piooner JC

Jia Yi

Jen Ming

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Anderson Serangoon JC

I think my teachers genuinely care about our grades and well-being as they always ask us how we are doing. They also like to converse and crack jokes in class, making lessons feel very interesting and enjoyable. The teachers also look out for you and provide more complex writing skills and ideas than in school.

The notes that they provide are very detailed and rich in content and also gives clear examples of how to use them. I thought it was cool that all the examples that I would ever need for a topic are all in the content lecture notes, and it is very beneficial as it helps students like me to save time so that I can focus on either doing practices or focus on my H2 subjects. This is quite important for JC2 students because we often don't have a lot of time, and we have to ace our GP while keeping an eye on our H2 subjects and time management as well. The notes are also well organised so it is very easy to comprehend and also to remember.


I would like to thank TTT teachers for always responding quickly to my doubts whenever I have them or asking for consultations, and I appreciate the step by step instructions provided for comprehension and essay writing. Learning the requirements of the different comprehension question types and how to address them was very beneficial. It enabled me to score for comprehension. The paper 1 strategies were also essential to my good grades. I have made tremendous improvements ever since i joined in JC1, and I am happy that i chose to join TTT.

TTT teachers are definitely the best English/GP teacher I ever had. I believe that anyone who is taught by Mr Lee and Mr Russell will improve as they always make sure that everyone can understand what they are saying and they give very clear, effective answers to any problems that you may encounter.

They also give regular consultations and spend so much time and effort to write quality notes, mark our work, as well as answer my questions outside of class through online platforms. Furthermore, the teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to help us with our school work, especially during examination periods when the tuition sessions could be extended in order for all our queries to be answered. This really made me feel that the centre was more like a school, rather than a centre.


Both teachers also try to get to know each and every one of their students and help us all to bond and make friends and contribute to a more lively and welcoming environment even though we are all from different schools, such as ASR, ACJC, RV, HCI, RI, JPJC and YIJC. Their lessons are also really engaging as he brings in stories and things that we are interested in, allowing us to be more focused during lessons. Personally, I think that is what learning should be like, where you can learn in a fun environment. 


Anderson Serangoon JC


The lesson materials provided as well as the additional information shared during lessons have proven to be very useful, particularly the revision materials before any exams as they are clearly structured and informative.


I really adore the notes and I think it's much better than the ones provided by other centres or by my JC, which are mostly just mere readings. The notes are well-structured and the content lectures provide numerous points, arguments, examples and analytical frameworks that enable effective learning and application. I also love the philosophy classes, as well as the question analysis notes for each topic, detailing every possible question, sub-topics and types of questions that can be tested for each topic. 


I would really like to thank both Mr Lee and Mr Russell for spending so much time helping me. Without him, my interest in the subject would be close to nothing and I would not have excelled in GP. With his passion for teaching and his belief in me, I am sure that I'll be able to achieve even more with time to come. Hence, I highly recommend that you sign up and be part of the lovely TTT family. ​

Jia Yu

Jurong-Piooner JC

Teachers at TTT teach lessons in a different way compared to other centres. They provide a lot of high-quality notes and did tremendous research before lessons. The concise content lecture notes were extremely useful and a wonderful contrast to the thick stacks of readings that we would get in school or the directionless GP essay outlines (that are limited in applicability to only specific essays) that I would get at other centres. The notes gave a wide range of examples, points and evaluation strategies, which not only helped to give me the necessary content for the exams, but also made sure that I did not have to set aside too much time to do research, which allowed me to concentrate more on improving my essay and AQ skills, and also gave me time to focus on my other subjects.


The teachers were also very friendly and enthusiastic and it is clear that they enjoy teaching. Both Mr Russell and Mr Lee also teaches in a very simple and structured manner, with clear strategies on how to answer each comprehension question type, as well as different strategies to structure essays or techniques for rebuttal. I enjoyed both the lectures and tutorials at the centre and I was able to make an improvement of one grade in just 1.5 months at the centre. I would like to thank my teachers for teaching me General Paper, as well as for the hope they have in me, and I hope to continue making further progress in the following year.

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Despite not having joined The Thought Tailor for a long time, Mr Russel’s lessons have had a positive impact on my development with regards to the general paper. Even from the first lesson that I attended, Mr Russel made the effort to ask for my weaknesses in both paper 1 and 2, so that he could better guide me in sharpening my skillset. The Thought Tailor is unlike any other general paper tuition centre, as the teachers and teacher assistants take the time to run through and give comments on our work during tutorial lessons. Apart from the micro-level support, we are also provided with useful strategies to conquer the general paper.

The constant rehashing of these strategies is what makes them ever so effective as it helps us, students, to remember them at the tip of our fingers. For lecture lessons, we are given sets of comprehensive lecture notes which helps to shape and broaden our perspectives as it provides both micro and macro-level views to tackle essay questions. Furthermore, Mr Russel also takes the time to source out videos with regards to the topic we are discussing in class to help us better visualise and understand the topic.