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What our students say

Hae In

Nan Hua High School

One of my favourite features of the lessons here would be how willing Mr Russell was in trying to help me better understand and rectify my mistakes. Even during Zoom lessons, Mr Russell would talk to me privately in a separate break-out room in an effort to ensure that I knew where my mistakes lay. Mr Russell and all his other assistant tutors as well are extremely dedicated to their students, which I appreciate a lot.

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Furthermore, lesson materials are very well-prepared at TTT. Throughout the short period I joined TTT, I was provided with loads of practices as well as their comprehensive, one-of-a-kind notes.

I did not know that there were so many subtypes of questions under the same type of comprehension questions until I joined TTT! With the skills I have honed during these lessons, I was better able to provide more accurate answers to each type of question, which surely played a part in improving my English scores.


I am very grateful for not only the concise notes and lesson materials but also the dedication of the teachers and the support that they have given me throughout my O level journey. I am very happy that I managed to secure an A1 for O level English.

Le Yang

Kranji Secondary

In the past, I could have never achieved an A in English. Perhaps it is because English isn’t my first language, but whatever English capabilities I had simply could not be translated into the skills that were required for examinations. When I first got in touch with Mr Russell in Secondary three, I was still new to taking tuition and didn’t really know what to expect besides extra work and maybe gradual, baby steps towards an eventual A1 for O level. So, the jump in grades really surprised me.​


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I had gone from floating in the Cs and Bs to my first A in English, A2, and the improvement didn’t stop there. Under his guidance, I achieved 3rd in my Sec 4 cohort for English in my Sec 4 prelim exams at Kranji Secondary, which was something I had never thought to be possible before!

I also managed to get an honours certificate that recognised my excellent academic achievement for English. The A1 in English for my O levels came soon after, and after I went to Junior College, I managed to clinch the top 5% in my cohort for General Paper. ​


​All of this would not have been possible without his help, and I am definitely grateful to him for helping to push me beyond the limits I thought I had and to reach my goal. He taught me how to strategise and how to prepare for the subject, and how to continuously strive for perfection even when I was already getting an A1.

TTT's unique approach to teaching and the way they clearly explain various English techniques makes it stand out from other centres. Before coming to TTT, I was unable to answer comprehension questions as I did not know the techniques to answer them properly. TTT taught me how to answer comprehension questions with ease and improved my comprehension scores by leaps and bounds! Through the lessons at TTT, I managed to improve quickly to become one of the top scorers in my recent end of year examinations! I went from a B4 in my Sec 1 EOY to an A1 now in my Sec 3 EOY.


Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

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Mr. Russell is very determined to improve the English scores of TTT students. His enthusiasm and passion for teaching manifests in the detailed and well-crafted notes and teaching. We are provided with very detailed notes that clearly explain the questions as well as step by step solutions and answering formats for each question type. This certainly made it much easier for us to understand and apply them during examinations. I also managed to pick up interesting techniques and vocabulary to help me maximise my performance for essay writing. 


I would like to thank Mr. Russell for his persistence in pushing us to do our best, and for being the best out there in making it easy for us to understand and apply our learning.

Mr Russell has helped me numerous times with English, which was one of my weakest subjects, and helped make lessons more interesting through his personal anecdotes. He was always patient during lessons and consultations and gave his students time to clear any misconceptions. Moreover, he was always concerned about the welfare of his students and ensured that his students were able to cope with school. Even though the centre provided assignments to do over the week, the assignments were manageable and did not add on to any stress from school.


I am very grateful to Mr Russell for his guidance as his teachings have enabled me to go from a B4 to an A1 at O level. This truly would not be possible without his help.

Jia Qian

Swiss Cottage Secondary

At TTT, the teachers are very patient and passionate about teaching their students. They are always able to make lessons fun and engaging. The teachers often willingly go the extra mile to aid us in our learning such that they would attend to our needs at any time of the day with detailed explanations of our long list of questions. Besides that, the materials provided are very detailed and give us a greater understanding of certain concepts that are only briefly explained in school. The numerous practises in class and the respective feedback given has allow us to have a more in-depth knowledge of question techniques and analysis of complicated essay question types. 


Personally, I always struggled with oral practices due to a lack of confidence in reading aloud. However, Mr Russell was able to correct some of my errors and took the time to guide me through these mistakes. He allowed me to gain some confidence along the way after numerous consultation sessions. I am beyond thankful to Mr Russell for being so willing to help and guide me. Mr Russell has mentioned that I had sent him so many audio recording that he had to listen to them in his car while driving home. If this does not show the dedication Mr Russell has towards helping his students, I do not know what else will! 


Jie Lynn

Juying Secondary

English lessons at The Thought Tailor have undoubtedly changed my perspective on how English can be studied effectively. The lessons here are clear and structured, and there was a lot of focus on the skills and the step-by-step methods for each component, including how to solve every comprehension question type effectively. I also felt that the concise and informative notes issued during our weekly lessons were extremely beneficial in helping me with my revision for my exams.​

Furthermore, the dedicated teachers at TTT have always been patient and really helpful whenever I had any doubts regarding the skills or content that were taught. We could ask for extra help or support for free, and we were encouraged to clarify any doubts or problems that we had (with any of the practices or school assignments) with our TTT tutors via Whatsapp message.

With the help of the passionate teachers, I was able to quickly improve my EL grades from getting low Bs in my school examinations to scoring an A1 at O levels in less than a year. I also topped my cohort for English at Juying Secondary!


Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Making the decision to join TTT may have been one of my best decisions to date!

Joining TTT gave me access to some of the most comprehensive and detailed notes I have ever seen. The notes explain concepts in a step by step manner and provide a plethora of useful examples to help me better understand complex techniques. I relied very heavily on these notes when I was studying for my exams and I definitely think they helped a lot to improve my grades.

Aside from the notes, lessons were also highly engaging and entertaining. Mr Russell would often pose us questions to get us thinking. We would also do group work, especially while working on essays, which enabled me to throw around ideas with others. I personally found this very insightful as I got to hear from a variety of perspectives. 

Before coming to TTT, I faced a lot of problems tackling comprehension questions, such as unusual and effective questions. However, through the lessons at TTT, I managed to improve quickly and became the top scorer for English in my class and 2nd in the year 3 cohort at ACS Independent. I would attribute this to the aforementioned detailed notes, as well as Mr Russell’s concise and easy to understand explanations on comprehension techniques. At TTT, I also picked up useful writing techniques as well as expanded my vocabulary. This helped to maximise my performance in writing discursive and argumentative essays.

Mr. Russell is a humorous, energetic and patient teacher. I love coming to class because of how Mr Russell is able to make the class environment lively and fun. On top of being able to make class fun, Mr Russell also has a very detailed understanding of the secondary school English syllabus. As a result, he is able to easily point out my weaknesses and quickly help me to figure out how to correct them. 

Thanks to Mr Russell, I was able to achieve a much stronger understanding on how to tackle the English subject which helped me to score an A1. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Russell for his guidance.


Saint Joseph Institution

Prior to joining TTT, I had only attained a B4 for my end of year exams in Secondary 1 which I was quite disappointed with. I believe I did not do well due to my lack of understanding and poor comprehension answering techniques. However, after joining TTT’s English tuition and being under the guidance of Mr Russell, I managed to attain an A2 for my end of year exams in Secondary 2. This great improvement in my English score in less than one year has never happened to me before! Thus, I must really thank TTT and Mr Russell for all their help.

Personally, I like how Mr Russell always tries to engage students in discussions by asking questions instead of just feeding answers to the students. These questions make us think and help us to understand the entire meaning of the comprehension.

Besides that, I find comprehension lessons extremely fruitful. Before we start on comprehension, Mr Russell would provide us with answering techniques which we could use to guide us while we were answering the questions. Mr Russell also taught us ways to identify the question types and the standard structure used to answer them. Through the many practices he has given me, I am now able to manage and understand most comprehensions and know the right answering technique for specific questions. This can be shown through the improvement in my English grades. 


I doubt I would have been able to see such vast improvement in my English grades if not for TTT. Tuition at TTT is truly one of a kind

Shi Rou

Crescent Girls' Secondary

The Thought Tailor has changed my perspective on English. I used to dislike English lessons before going to TTT, however, TTT has taught me that English can be an enjoyable subject. I look forward to TTT lessons since they are clear and understandable. The notes that TTT provides are especially helpful during revision for examinations and it gives me an upper hand in school. 


A key feature of the lessons at TTT that make it so special is the techniques that they teach us to help us in different areas of the English language. For example, I would not have learnt about different annotation methods if it is not for TTT. I believe that the method and techniques taught in TTT are curated specially for each student and it helped me sharpen my English skills. TTT provides a wide range of materials, from notes to past-year papers, every worksheet is put together to suit different lessons. The worksheets and practices that TTT provides help me to feel more prepared for my examinations since we get different varieties of questions from different schools. The materials given by TTT is something that students can look forward to getting every lesson. 


Most importantly, I would like to thank Mr Russell for making lessons very relatable and enjoyable. He can point out our mistakes and give us pointers to work on. This helped me realise the things I need to improve on and I was able to strive to eliminate these mistakes in my future work. Mr Russell goes the extra mile to help his students with work even outside of tuition lessons. He would give us his fullest support and guidance whenever we needed help in English. Mr Russell definitely played an important role in pushing us to reach our personal best.

Andrea Tan

Unity Secondary

TTT has truly helped me to become much more motivated when studying English. Before joining TTT, I did not know how I could study English, and made little to no effort during my revision. I had attended lessons from other centres but they proved to have little to no help for me, and I started to believe the common misconception that English cannot be studied for, and that the only way we can improve is to read more books and to do more practice. However, after joining TTT, the lessons were very skill-based and focused. Although intense, learning at TTT was very fun and enjoyable, and I always went home with new skills and knowledge.


My teacher, Mr Russell, is brilliant and will always crack jokes in between the class to lighten the mood and to bring joy to learning, yet is very effective in teaching and ensuring that we learn and understand the skills and techniques taught. Being at TTT had not only improved my English skills and techniques, it had also motivated me to work harder myself. With just 3 months of lessons, I was able to experience a 3 grade jump and score an A1 for my O levels! 

Furthermore, the materials provided by the centre are really comprehensive and progressive, which helps to effectively consolidate my learning and revision. Furthermore, consultations with TTT are available 24/7 - having this support system is extremely helpful as I am able to clear my doubts as soon as possible! TTT is not just a tuition centre to help me in my learning, but also a place where I am able to make new friends and to study in a conducive and homely environment. Now, I actually look forward to lessons rather than dread them! I would really recommend TTT to other students as it has not only helped me in my English, but has also helped me become a more focused, strategic student - which is something I have never experienced in any other tuition centres that I had attended before! Thank you TTT!


Jurong West Secondary

Before I joined TTT, I always faced one problem that many students faced. I was never able to pass my comprehension paper. I was really frustrated and my average results were 20/50. For my EOYs, I had only scored a C5. However, through the recommendation of my friend, I joined TTT and after just 3-4 months, I was able to improve my comprehension grades,  and obtained a 31/50 during my prelims.

This was something that I’m very proud of, because most students usually fail the comprehension paper, and few would obtain marks above 30. These excellent results enabled me to achieve an overall grade of A2 for my prelims. 

I love the lessons at TTT. Mr Russell simplifies the lessons so that we can better understand and absorb the content, and he customises his lessons to suit our needs. Mr Russell also explained every question type, their specific requirements, step by step techniques and formats to answer each question. I felt that it was important to write down the question type for each comprehension question and annotate the texts before doing, which helped me to track and understand the passage better.


In addition, TTT also provides a fun place for learning. The teacher is friendly and he often creates a fun learning experience for all of us. I also found the group essay discussions to be useful, and students of different writing abilities were exposed to a wide range of different writing styles and ideas. These sessions also allowed us to bond with our other classmates and make lessons a more lively and less awkward experience.

The materials for oral that were compiled and given to us were very practical and included content and statistics that could be also used in our argumentative and discursive essay. Learning the formats for answering each oral question, as well as using the content from the content lectures made the entire O level oral examinations a more manageable affair! 

I would like to thank Mr Russell for being very patient in his teachings and explanations, and also for marking and going through the different worksheets at an incredible speed.


CHIJ Saint Theresa's Convent 

I absolutely love TTT. I experimented with many tuitions for English before joining TTT but was never able to find one that could cater to my weaknesses. In fact, most could not even pinpoint my weaknesses. However, the same cannot be said about TTT. 


Mr Russell is a phenomenal teacher. He explains new techniques and content very concisely and comprehensively. He also gave us many personalised drills for compositions, situational writings and comprehension as well as offered free consultation sessions. Besides that, Mr Russell is very funny and entertaining. He often makes jokes in class to keep class lively. Most importantly, Mr Russell provided me with notes that completely changed my English grades. 


My favourite lessons would have to be those where he gave us personalised drills on our paper 1. His approach to tackling paper 1 is very unique. We usually gathered into groups to discuss the essay question first before being tasked to write them individually. He also gave sample essays that were top-notch and had an amazing vocabulary that I could use in my essays which had undoubtedly helped improve my grades.

Despite having spent hours studying for the composition and situational writing component, I was never able to attain over 19/30. However, after I joined TTT, I soon achieved a 24/30 for my essay which is by far the highest I have accomplished. Learning at TTT was wonderful, thank you!

Andrea R

Unity Secondary

Before joining TTT, I was always at a loss as to how I should study for English and was always unsure of my answers during exams. TTT’s approach of teaching lessons really does make the centre stand out, as it debunks the popular myth that one can never truly be able to study for english. By giving quality resources and materials, they allow students a platform to master their English. Moreover, the support system offered in TTT is impeccable. 



The master classes and drill sessions offered by TTT have really enhanced my learning experience and made me even more motivated and confident in my English. With all these additional enrichment and extra support lessons, I have gained additional understanding of the skills that I need to master and apply.

My teacher’s dedication and passion are truly his most outstanding and defining characteristics. The tremendous effort that Mr. Russell puts in to make sure that his students understand and have a fulfilling and thrilling experience at TTT is the reason why lessons are so enjoyable. His patience and understanding has certainly helped me in strengthening my English skills.  


Furthermore, his lesson preparation and materials have really helped us to master certain specific techniques required for English. All the resources that he provides leaves no stone unturned in terms of the skill that the syllabus and curriculum requires a student to possess. His approach in offering notes, step-by-step worksheets and drill worksheets ensure that students really master all the question types and aspects of the English paper. This is what gives the students attending TTT an edge over others. Thanks to Mr Russell, I went from a B4 in my Sec 3 EOYs to a A1 for O Levels. I also clinched 2nd in my class for my school examinations! 


I would like to thank my teacher for his dedication in delivering quality lessons and caring for his students. He not only serves as a mentor for all his students, but also as a figure of motivation in which he pushes his students to soar to greater heights. With their help, I have grown to be a more motivated student with a thirst to always improve and learn.I would recommend TTT for their excellent lesson plans and notes which has made learning a lot more efficient and useful. I would also recommend TTT for the excellent support that they offer students, be it in terms of academic or well-being.


Kranji Secondary

Before joining TTT, I was consistently scoring Bs and struggled to figure out a way to break the ‘A’ barrier. Joining TTT allowed me to finally figure out what I lacked. At TTT, I received numerous summarised yet useful notes for all the components of the English paper. There were notes on argumentative writing, which included a rich vocabulary that helped to improve my language grade, as well as notes for ‘Unusual and Effective’ writing which helped my Paper 2 a lot. 


At TTT, I was able to receive constant guidance from Mr Russell. He is a highly entertaining teacher and he often uses a variety of highly emotive words to describe his vivid life experiences. This helped to make the clasroom more vibrant. Besides that, he is also a very passionate teacher who seeks to ensure that all of us can reach our maximum potential and excel in English. He is also a very patient teacher. He always takes the time to guide and trains us to attempt the various questions and papers through teaching us skills of annotations, the different question types as well as key points that we should take note of. Thanks to him, I managed to improve from a B3 to an A1 in the span of 1 year! 

Throughout my time at TTT, my favourite lessons were those on the oral and communication package. We would carry out mock oral practice for roughly a month straight. No doubt, through this package, I was able to feel more confident during my oral exam and was able to score well for my spoken interaction as well as reading aloud. 

My favourite set of notes are the summary notes as personally, I had been failing my summary before joining TTT and was not able to find the problem. After being given the notes and doing many practices, my language use for summary and my ability to pinpoint the correct points had improved tremendously. This allowed me to score 13/15 for my summary during my end of year examinations. All the credit for this accomplishment belongs to TTT, especially Mr Russell as he was the one who was able to spot my flaws in English and teach me exactly how to score as high as possible for English. I am beyond grateful for Mr Russell. 


Overall, I feel very lucky to have been able to find out about TTT through a flyer and joining TTT. I also feel thankful towards the staff here in TTT for guiding me and helping me with their utmost effort! Thank you TTT!


Juying Secondary

There are many things to like about TTT but the thing that I like most is how the curriculum makes English become a subject that I can study for easily. The notes given to students at the centre are really comprehensive and well-organised. Since English is such a broad subject, it can be hard for students like me to study each and every component thoroughly, but here at TTT, everything is categorised properly and there are notes and worksheets for every part of English, right down to the different comprehension question types.

These resources given to me are practically my lifeline when I am revising for English examinations because of how the notes are designed. It is not too lengthy but still manages to capture all the important things for students to take note which makes it easy to digest and revisit.

Among the many notes and other materials that I have received, the ones that I found to be the most useful would be the ones given during the intensive revision period prior to my O’s. I learnt a lot about using imagery and other different writing techniques from the descriptive bank notes that catered towards hybrids. Besides materials targeted towards Paper 1, there was a comprehensive package created for Paper 2 which touched on all the nuances that certain question types have and that really helped me with my revision for my O’s as it served as a reminder of the different things I should take note of. 

Beyond the notes, the teachers and lesson plans are also an integral part of the experience. Mr Russell is a passionate teacher whose lessons are really engaging. He goes above and beyond for his students and tries his best to make extra time to consult them even with his busy schedule. I enjoy his lessons thoroughly because of how structured and focused it is. His lesson plans are designed to keep students on task and the different drill practices we did helped me learn to tackle different weaknesses I had when it comes to English. I remember the period before the O’s when many students were submitting their essays to him for feedback. Even though it was a hectic period for both the students and Mr Russell, the comments he left for my essays were insightful and helpful. All in all, he is a dedicated teacher who really has the heart for teaching and seeks to help his students to the best of his abilities!


Thanks to the support from TTT, I managed to get an A1 for O level English!

Matthias Yam

St Joseph Institution

The Thought Tailor has been a wonderful place that facilitated my learning in the English language. Prior to joining TTT, I did not know that I could actually study for the English Language examinations. However, things changed when I joined TTT. Thanks to TTT, in just 6 months, I was able to improve from a B4 in my school examinations to an A2 for my O levels! 


At TTT, the teachers have a highly concise and intricate teaching style that allows students to tackle different categories and styles of questions. Mr Russell has also been of great help in my learning journey. He has taught me many skills and techniques for essay writing and comprehension which were useful and easy to implement. I enjoyed the hybrid writing lessons, and learnt numerous skills that I did not learn in school. Mr Russell also often tells numerous jokes and personal stories that helped to make the lessons interesting and fun.

Mr. Russell is not only a good teacher, but also a good mentor. He has encouraged me to expand my horizons beyond just what is taught in school. He has taught me important values as well as the different strategies that I could include in my study plans and habits. Thank you.


Geylang Methodist Secondary

Mr Russell was my teacher in Secondary One. I always thoroughly enjoyed his lessons because of how structured they were. Mr Russell would come into class with a particular objective, such as teaching us a certain comprehension skill or how to tackle a particular essay type, and he would always make sure that we left class fully understanding what he has taught. When I found out that Mr Russell had opened his own tuition centre, I almost instantly decided that I had to join. 

Lessons with TTT were always interesting. I remember myself looking forward to the next lesson each time it ends. This is because of how Mr Russell always puts in the effort to lighten the mood. During class, he would often crack a couple of jokes and share some of his personal experiences. I really appreciate him doing this as it made lessons so much more enjoyable. Besides how Mr Russell is able to make class fun, he is also very approachable. Whenever I reached out to him with questions, he would seek to clear all my doubts as best as he could to help me improve. In general, the TTT staff are all very encouraging as well. 

With Mr Russell’s help, I achieved an ‘A1’ at the end of year exam. I am grateful to him for all that he has done to push me beyond the limits and help me strive for perfection. Mr Russell is arguably one of the best teachers ever!


Swiss Cottage Secondary

Since young, I have always struggled with passing English, and felt that it was not possible to study for it. I attended tuition at other tuition centres, but felt that they did not really care about me and my studies, and all we did was just do practices after practices in an aimless manner. 


However, after joining TTT, I realised that I could actually study English and there were many skills and techniques that I never knew existed. I love the interesting skills-based lessons, and I felt that Mr. Russell was one of the most unique teachers I have ever had. His teaching processes are very interesting, unique and highly effective. He never fails to create a lively experience, which helps make tuition lessons after school something to look forward to rather than dread! The comprehension drills and skills notes were also easy to follow, and the step by step approaches made learning more systematic.

This really helped me to focus and gave me some direction in terms of how to prepare for the English Language examinations. Eventually, I was able to jump from a D7 in my Sec4 WA1 to an A2 for my O Levels! Besides that, I am grateful for the extensive support provided, especially during the difficult period before O level. The teachers were very friendly and passionate and they always made available slots and opportunities for consultation sessions which helped me to clear my doubts, especially for the new components such as hybrid writing that were taught in secondary 4.


Unity Secondary

TTT served as an excellent auxiliary support for my studies. They had lightened my burden of trying to find apt and concise resources that were highly relevant to O Levels, and provided high-yield lessons that accurately diagnosed and resolved my errors.

The lessons and materials from TTT are of top quality, and are always structured to be thorough, comprehensive and superior. Each lesson is carried out to teach all the skills needed for a component, and what type of question it would be useful for. Thanks to the centre, I realised that I lacked the skills needed in specific areas, and with the notes and lessons from Mr Russell, was subsequently able to improve on it, allowing me to achieve a higher grade. I went from a B4 at the end of Sec 3 to an A1 for O Levels. Also, I ended up being one of the top students in my cohort. 

TTT has also given ample opportunities for students to practice and hone on their skills, be it essays, comprehension, or even oral through comprehensive exercises and papers. The centre can definitely help a student bridge the gap and accommodate for everyone, regardless of their level of skill or competence. If the students are lazy, they will be pushed. If the students are diligent, they will have sufficient windows open to hone their skills through extra (and free) consultations. All of this is only possible with the diligence and drive of Mr. Russell, who visibly gave his all to teach, and continuously work on how he is able to improve his resources and teaching strategy. Mr. Russell had even made the effort to systematically plan out the curriculum such that students can remember the concepts and effectively implement and apply them during O-levels.


The lessons at TTT are truly top-tier and I strongly urge students to join.

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Fairfield Methodist Secondary

I joined TTT in Secondary 1 and I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons taught by Mr. Russell. Mr Russell is a very dedicated teacher. He never fails to take the time to check in on us and to see how else he can help us improve. In class, Mr Russell has a very vibrant personality. He is able to keep the class environment very lively which I personally believe contributes to building a more conducive learning environment. 

Mr. Russell has taught us many different techniques for both writing and comprehension that allowed me to quickly improve from a C5 to an A1 for my Sec 1 EOY. Essay wise, I managed to pick up many useful techniques especially in terms of writing personal recounts and also suspense writing. Mr. Russell shared many interesting stories and ideas that really provoked my thinking and it was an interesting experience trying to include them in my essay. He also taught me many useful comprehension skills that allowed me to answer comprehension questions in a more precise manner.

Mr Russell made sure to clearly explain the entire process of how exactly to use the skills he has taught us. He also offered a variety of practice drills to allow us to apply what we have learnt. The clear, concise and targeted manner Mr Russell teaches is what I believe sets TTT apart from other centres. Hence, I would strongly recommend TTT to all.

Before I joined TTT, I thought it was impossible to study for English and that there was no point in studying it as I would always perform badly in my exams. No matter how many books I read, I just ended up passing. No matter how many tuition centres I attended, I felt that they were all not well versed with the O Level syllabus or were not helping me in my exams.

However, Mr Russell proved me wrong and went through with me various techniques to improve my essay which I never knew before.


Jurong West Secondary

He always kept tracked of our progress and would give us comments to improve on our mistakes. The various drills for comprehension and oral were easy to follow and helped me make significant progress. His lessons are always engaging and I never dread coming to class! He would give us a list of vocabulary to make our essays stand out and this helped me to gain more marks.


This helped me as I knew how I can prepare for my exams and the teachers also provide immediate and accurate feedback compared to school. I was able to improve on my weak areas and I was no longer clueless on how I should improve. He even went through oral techniques and formats with me which I am incredibly grateful for as this was the first tuition centre for me that even had a proper structure for oral and has always come in handy for my exams. 

Comparing my work now with work that I had done in the past, I can confidently say that the logic and language I use nowadays has truly improved leaps and bounds. I can also see this from how I have been scoring consistent As in school. I believe this is all thanks to Mr Russell and TTT. Thank you TTT!

Han Jun

Kranji Secondary

I have always had trouble trying to get a passing grade for my English Language subject, and language based subjects are definitely not my key academic strengths. However, after joining TTT, I realised that my English Language grades were more stable now, and I no longer received a fail grade for any English Language tests. Rather, I have noticed steady improvement in my grades. In Secondary 1, I received a C6 for my EOY. I quickly progressed to a B3 in Secondary 2, followed by scoring consistent A1s now in Secondary 3. 


One main reason for this is due to Mr. Russell. I first heard of him from my brother who used to be his student in school. My brother said that Mr. Russell is a legendary teacher, and the best teacher in his school, and he told me that I would never have any regrets joining this tuition. This was something that I realised as well, as compared to other centres, Mr Russell’s lessons are fun and engaging and I find it easy to pay attention in class. He sometimes jokes with the students but still teaches us in a way that allows us to remember information and skills easily. He would also often find new ways to improve my current English skills, as well as try to help each individual student to the best of his abilities. 

In addition, I also like the practices that are given. Many of the practices given at the centre are focused drills that target a particular skill, and this approach is extremely useful as it forces us to focus on improving one target area. I also like the fact that the practices are much more challenging than the practices given in school. This makes the school tests and examinations more manageable, since the questions given are less challenging than the ones used at TTT.


I want to thank Mr. Russell and TTT for the amazing support that they have provided. Thank you.

The lesson materials provided at TTT were also very helpful and I really like the step by step approach that is implemented at the centre. The skills taught were definitely useful, and I feel that it is important to learn them as it helps me to tackle the comprehension and essay questions in a more effective manner. These are skills that are often tested in school, but are not taught beforehand by the school teachers. 

Wai Yee

Nan Hua High School

TTT provides an array of comprehensive notes for the oral, composition and comprehension examinations. The notes help us spot the common question types for each component and provide us with specific techniques on how to tackle them as well as make our work more extraordinary. TTT also gives us many practises to ensure that we are well prepared for the examinations. These practices were especially helpful to me as they helped me pinpoint the areas I should focus on before Os. Doing well on the practices also gave me the confidence I needed to handle the O levels. 

Moreover, before the O levels, TTT even provided additional classes to target our weaker components. They provided as much guidance as we needed during any possible free time they had. The teachers in TTT are truly very encouraging and also very determined to push their students towards getting an A. I would especially like to thank Mr Russell for being so dedicated and passionate. Outside of his desire for us to do well, Mr Russell is also a very engaging teacher which makes his lessons very interesting. Also, in class, he always makes sure to highlight the key points in the materials prepared for us in order to make lessons more impactful.  

Through my time at TTT, I have seen remarkable improvement in my grades. They helped me jump from a C6 in my school exams to a B3 in my O levels. Beyond that, I have also developed a stronger love for the English language itself. Thank you TTT for the wonderful experience!


Fuhua Secondary

My teacher is Mr. Russell and he is a superb tutor who has taught me many interesting skills and techniques that have helped me to do well in school. I first took up lessons with him in Secondary 2 when I was not doing well in English, often scoring Cs in school examinations. Within just two months, I noticed a visible improvement in my score. For my N levels, I was able to achieve an A2! 


My interest in English has grown after taking tuition with Mr. Russell. In his classes, he is very clear about what he wants, and he would teach the skills using a simple step by step approach which was easy to follow and apply. The practices given were also slightly higher than my school’s standard, and it was structured in a clear and efficient manner that allowed me to practice the skills required for each comprehension and essay question type.

Especially since it was slightly higher than my school’s standard, it basically meant that I had no problems with my school examinations, and I would often achieve the top 3 places in the cohort for the English Language examinations. Mr. Russell is a fantastic teacher, and he is definitely the best English teacher that I have ever had. His notes were amazing, and really better than anything that I have ever received at Fuhua. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to do well for the English Language paper.


Hua Yi Secondary

Before joining TTT, I didn't know that there was a thinking process and structure to answering the comprehension questions. It was only until I started joining TTT that I was able to craft my answers for the comprehension questions better than before.

I would always look forward to lessons at TTT every week as Mr Russell makes every lesson very interesting and engaging! Mr Russell also ensures that the time spent in lessons is productive and we would take away some key learning points from every lesson.

I find myself using TTT’s notes more than my school’s notes as the notes created by the centre are very concise and contain all the information we need to know. This comes extremely handy when I am preparing for examinations as everything relevant to the examination is provided, making my revision much easier. 

I would like to thank Mr Russell for making English lessons much more interesting than my English lessons in school. I would also like to thank him for the time and effort he has put in for his students and offering help when students face doubts. Thanks to TTT, I managed to obtain an A for English.


Crescent Girls School

TTT has been very helpful for me! Comprehension has always been my biggest struggle when it comes to English, as I did not understand how to answer some of the questions. Doing comprehension papers just felt like a hit or miss kind of thing for me. After joining TTT, I learned that comprehension is actually a component that can be studied for. When going through comprehension questions, Mr Russell would break down the questions to their very essence to make it easier for us to understand. Mr Russell also taught us a variety of nifty skills to be able to tackle every possible comprehension question type. This allowed me to gain more confidence to do comprehension papers as regardless of the question thrown at me, it would be something that I have learnt how to answer before. 

Having tuition at TTT has truly been a very memorable experience due to the passionate teachers, comprehensive notes, well-structured lessons and strong support system. I would highly recommend anyone looking for English tuition to join TTT.

Khai Xuen

Commonwealth Secondary

I first heard about TTT through a friend who had highly recommended this tuition. At first, I was slightly hesitant, however, when I attended lessons at TTT, I began to develop a deeper understanding on how to approach and answer the various components, such as formats and plans for essays, different comprehension question types, oral, etc. The lessons were extremely enriching and useful, and I always felt like I am learning something new and benefitting in every single lesson.


Furthermore, I like the fact that the lessons also help drill the important components with specifically targeted questions and worksheets. The teachers at TTT are extremely willing and dedicated. They would always encourage us to arrange free consultation after class so as to clear our doubts and queries, and would always answer with clarity. They would also observe every single student and identify what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as give constructive feedback to help everyone improve through the intensive drilling sessions right before our O Levels. My teacher, Mr Russell, had really made the effort to tell us memorable and entertaining episodes and experiences related to a certain concept in order to create a greater impact for us to memorise information in an easier manner. 


Mr Russell’s passion in the subject and his engaging lessons truly inspires us to work harder. His notes are very commendable, with no shortages of resources and notes given to us students - all of them extremely concise and useful. All the work and practices will be marked on time, with useful and constructive feedback given so that students can reflect and improve. His willingness to answer all our doubts and questions, as well as the fun and enriching lessons, are something that I am absolutely grateful and thankful for. I would definitely recommend TTT as it is so much better than any of the previous tuitions I have ever attended, as it really drills on the key notes, answering techniques, as well as helps build lots of interesting and fascinating content for students to discuss in their essay and oral. The amount of guidance and assistance readily available at the centre can truly help students get through their national examinations more easily. Within a year, I was able to go from a C6 to scoring A2 for my O Levels. Moreover, I even topped my cohort for comprehension in my Secondary 4 Preliminary Examinations.


Kranji Secondary

Before joining TTT, I was constantly getting C6s for English  throughout my sec 1 to 2 years. When I  joined TTT, I received carefully crafted notes that taught  strategies and tips that I have never learned in school. Mr Russell would then thoroughly explain the strategies mentioned in the notes in simpler terms so that I could easily understand. 

Other than that, he also taught me how to effectively apply these strategies in an exam-based setting. This included strategies and skills for questions such as effective comparison, quote and explanation, inferential and in your own words questions, as well as essay skills such as argumentative writing and hybrid writing. This really made  the process of writing essays and crafting answers for my paper 2 much easier.

With the help of my teachers, I feel that I have grown to become a much more confident writer, allowing me to jump from a B4 average in sec 2 to an A2 average in sec 3, and finally an A1 at the Sec 3 End of Year examination.

Gong Wang

West Spring Secondary

I started attending lessons with Mr Russell in 2018. Before joining TTT, I was constantly either failing or barely passing English. It was my weakest subject and I did not know how to improve or which area to work on first. I tried various ways to improve and strengthen my EL, such as reading books, writing more essays, doing more practices and more. However, I barely improved and was repeatedly making the same mistakes. I was extremely demoralised and dreaded attending English lessons in school. 

However, when I first started attending lessons with Mr Russell, I was immediately provided with a better understanding of the language. Mr Russell taught me the various answering techniques and strategies necessary to tackle English. I especially appreciated how he had categorised the different question types and components, and provided a step-by-step method to approach the question. It made it very easy for me to understand the various factors and components involved. It also made revision extremely simple and easy. Furthermore, the resources and materials provided are very comprehensive and in-depth. 


With his unwavering guidance and support, I managed to clinch a B3 for my O Levels and get into Hwa Chong Institution for JC. I still attend lessons with Mr Russell for my GP and I strongly believe that he will be able to help me secure my A/B for GP for A levels!

Wesley Tan

Fuhua Secondary

Prior to joining TTT, I struggled to do well in English. I always viewed English as a subject that could not be studied, and put little to no effort to study for it. However, after joining TTT, I realised how wrong my mindset was. TTT taught me that English does in fact have structure and skills to be learnt and mastered that are required for one to score well in English. Thanks to that, I saw a quick improvement in my grades.

Besides that, what really sets TTT apart from other tuition centres would be how dedicated the teachers and staff there are. My teacher was Mr Russell. Mr Russell is an extremely nice and helpful teacher. He will always go the extra mile to help me understand what is being taught during lessons. Even during busy exam periods, he would offer extra help after class, either physically or through online means such as WhatsApp or Zoom calls. He always wants the best for his students no matter the circumstances and would often prioritise students over himself. I believe it would be difficult to find someone as dedicated and committed as Mr Russell. Although he is strict in his marking, he often provides valuable and important feedback on how to improve my work. 


Outside of that, TTT also has the best notes ever! They are highly comprehensive and cover all the components that are tested in exams. I tend to rely on TTT’s notes over my own school notes because of how good it is. 


I truly have no regrets about joining TTT and would highly recommend joining TTT. 

Le Xuan

Juying Secondary

I have always looked forward to my lessons at TTT every week. The teachers never fail to make lessons both enriching and enjoyable all the time! With the family-like atmosphere and humorous yet knowledgeable teachers, there’s really never a dull moment at TTT!  I used to find learning English extremely boring in the past but my interest in the English language has definitely grown after attending the classes at TTT. Learning at TTT was a fun and effective experience. The notes were comprehensive yet easy to understand and master, and the strategies that my teachers taught for each component really allowed me to secure an A1 grade at O level. 

I would really like to thank all the teachers at TTT for their constant guidance and support even outside of class (e.g. whatsapp conversations, consultation sessions and written assignments) to make sure I fully understood what was taught. Without a doubt, TTT was the significant factor that helped me achieve a 5 grade jump in just 6 months so I hope you’ll give TTT a chance to do the same for you!!


Unity Secondary

Before joining TTT, I had known Mr Russell as a teacher from my school. Despite that he had never taught me, I was well aware that he was a brilliant teacher. His students often claimed the top spot in our cohort for Best in English and his well structured notes were always shared among the classes and the highlight in my English lessons. I joined TTT with the intention to learn as much as I could from him and ever since then my essay skills have only been improving. 

With TTT, I feel that lessons are not only really fun, but also very beneficial as well. Being at TTT did not just improve my English, it improved my learning attitude as a whole and seeing how passionate Mr Russell is in teaching the class makes me very motivated to study harder myself. 

Furthermore, the materials provided by the centre are really comprehensive and are being constantly improved on which help me to consolidate my learning. At TTT, I am provided with resources that even my school did not have, notes that were curated by Mr Russell himself as well as practices and essay samples from Junior Colleges that were a boost for me as I practiced writing my essays. 

Apart from the notes and materials given, Mr Russell goes the extra mile by offering extra assistance in marking essays that we would do in our own free time, as well as having extra oral consultations until we felt prepared. It is no doubt that TTT is a life changing tuition centre, and I highly recommend students who are either weak in English or simply to boost their English grades to come to TTT! Personally, I went from a B4 to scoring A1 for my O levels in just 3 months. At TTT, you can rest assured that your hard work will surely be paid off! True to it's words - TTT is definitely more than a centre, better than school!


Greenridge Secondary

Stepping foot into this centre, my intentions were very clear that I wanted to get a better understanding of English and wanted to improve in it. Having many issues regarding this subject at that particular period of  time, I had my uncertainties of doing well in this subject. However, coming to TTT may have been the best decision that I have ever made. At TTT, the lessons are highly objective oriented. What this means is that after every lesson, I can always be sure to have learnt something new. 

Personally, I struggled a lot with essay writing. I did not understand why I could not score well despite the effort I put in. However, after a couple of lessons, especially those running through all the possible question types that could be tested as well as how to tackle them, my confidence to do well in essays increased signficiantly. Besides these lessons, I could also always count on Mr Russell to be there to clear my doubts. Mr Russell is probably the most passionate teacher I know. Not only is he enthusiastic about the subject, he is also extremely enthusiastic about helping us do better.

Both inside and outside of class, Mr Russell would always take the time to check in on us and see how we are doing, be it in academics and in our personal lives. I believe Mr Russell is like no other teacher just purely based on how he would willingly sacrifice his own personal time for us if need be. Outside of how helpful he is, Mr Russell also has a very strong understanding of the O levels English syllabus. Consequently, Mr Russell is very good at explaining new content and skills such that everyone is able to understand. 


All in all, learning at TTT has been a very unforgettable experience. I am beyond grateful for all the guidance I have received from the extremely passionate and supportive teachers at TTT. Thanks to them, I was able to pull through and improve from a C5 to an A2 in this subject. 


Unity Secondary

Before I joined TTT, I was struggling to do well for the EL paper, often barely managing to pass the subject. Being an analytical student, I thought that there was no structure to English and I almost gave up in frustration. That was before I joined TTT.


After joining TTT, I was able to achieve an A2 for my O Levels in spite of having still been scoring C6s in my school examinations at the start of Secondary 4. 

TTT is very strategic in their methods of teaching their students, always maximising every lesson to ensure no time is wasted. TTT listens to the voices of students and constantly tries to make lessons better. TTT also creates a warmth and welcoming environment like a family.


The lessons at TTT have taught me that there are structures and strategies in English. I also learnt that if we put in the hours to remember the skills and answering techniques and to commit to practice the skills by doing the selected English practice papers curated by the centre, my results will reflect my effort.


Mr Russell is always accepting of students who want to go the extra mile, and he is willing to put in the extra hours for his students. His love for his students is clear as he works harder than most teachers I know, to give only the best to his students. His passion for teaching is clear as he never fails to make class engaging and fun, while still conveying the main gist of the lessons. His drive to want the best for his students only motivates me to try even harder.


I also enjoy reading Mr. Russell’s notes, which are very clear, with no redundant information. I find myself using his notes more than the notes I receive in school. His materials are very strategic, to help the students focus on what is relevant and important. 


I would like to thank Mr Russell for the tremendous amount of effort and sacrifices he has put in for his students. Thank you for never pushing a student away when he or she needs help. Thank you for marking my extra work, even when you are busy. 


TTT is a tuition centre that is sure to pull your grade up. It is a tuition that I enjoy going to.


School of Science and Technology

Before joining TTT, I found myself with very little motivation and interest in English as I was scoring really badly. I did a lot of practice papers but it did not result in any tangible improvement. Hence I decided to take up tuition. About a month or two after I joined TTT, not only did I find myself improving academically, I also developed an interest and passion for English. Thanks to this passion, I was able to experience a 4 grade jump in just 5 months and score an A2 for my O levels.