About Us

Concerned with the quality of teaching in schools and in other centres, The Thought Tailor was created with the intent to provide quality English and Humanities education for Secondary and JC students, and for over ten years, our team of award-winning teachers have been providing quality tuition and enrichment programmes.

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All of our teachers have taught at MOE schools, and most of them have either graduated from prestigious universities or were offered places there, including Cambridge, Oxford, and King's College London. Many of our teachers are also assessment book writers with leading educational publishing firms in South East Asia. 


We understand the importance of having good, caring and effective teachers and we have a stringent recruitment criteria and process to select only the best and most passionate educators, so that we may provide the best learning opportunities for your child. Our teachers also undergo continuous professional development to ensure that our curricula, pedagogy and assessment will always remain unrivalled. 

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We strongly believe that The Thought Tailor is more than a tuition centre, and better than a school, and we advocate active coaching, rather than passive teaching. We will walk next to your child through his/her academic journey, and we will attempt to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, and also to be a friend, a mentor in this journey to success. At TTT, we believe that a holistic education requires both the strengthening of academic skills and character building, and we aim to facilitate discussions and development among all relevant parties (student, parent and teacher) to ensure a strong academic support system. At this juncture, our comprehensive after school support system consists of free phone consultations, regular tests and assessments, performance reviews, learning journeys as well as a bi-annual Teacher-Parent conference. 


Understanding the vital role which the environment plays the education,  we have also put in a lot thought into designing classrooms and curriculum that enable constructive, fun and collaborative student learning.  Our classrooms are modern, spacious, bright and airy, with wonderful views of the Jurong and Bukit Timah district.

Our teachers remain deeply driven, to turn the centre into a powerhouse in the education sector. We are inspired by perfection, and we constantly seek to improve our materials and teaching to ensure that we continue to deliver effective lessons for all our students.


Your education matters.

Learn from the best in Singapore.